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Refresher Course: RN

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Are you an inactive registered nurse looking to review and update your nursing knowledge and skills? This self-study RN Refresher Course provides an opportunity to move with confidence into a nurse orientation program and return to practice. The program overview explains all the details.

Course Structure

This course is split into two components: 145 hours of theory and a minimum of 80 hours of supervised clinical (or hours as required by your state board of nursing). The theory portion of the course can be completed entirely online, and the clinical component can be completed in your home community. You can work on the coursework at your own pace, but the entire course (theory and clinical) must be completed within 12 months.

Cost of the Course

The cost of the course is $1750.00, which includes:

  • Supervision and coordination of the course
  • Consultation to course participants
  • Correction of exams
  • Record keeping
  • Postage and handling
  • Certificate of completion

What Our Students Say

“Thank you for a well-planned, thorough refresher program and all of your help to get back to work!”
Former RN refresher course participant, New Hampshire

"This was a fantastic course and I feel like I learned a ton! Great preceptor and I learned so much from my clinical rotation."
Former RN refresher course participant, Alaska


All refresher course participants must establish an account with CastleBranch, the chosen vendor for document management. CastleBranch has been endorsed by the AACN, American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and is the source to submit program pre-admission and clinical requirements.

The pre-enrollment package price for CastleBranch for the two background checks is $139.75. The post-enrollment package price for CastleBranch clinical requirements is $77.75. These are additional costs and should be paid directly to CastleBranch. See instructions the ordering instructions for more information.

Participants may experience additional variable expenses as they prepare for clinical.

Participants that elect to complete only the theory portion of the course are not required to open a CastleBranch account to submit the background checks or pre-clinical requirements.

If you're ready to return to nursing practice again, complete the application below. This program is ongoing, so you can begin anytime.

Are you ready?

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