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Enroll - Refresher Course

Section - College of Nursing

Thank you for your interest in the refresher course. The following steps must be completed BEFORE you submit an application for enrollment in the refresher course:

  1. Open an account with CastleBranch.
    1. CastleBranch Package
    2. Complete BOTH of the required background checks. See the compliance guidelines for background checks for more information.
    3. Upload a copy of your government issued identification card.
    4. The online search is completed by CastleBranch. The FBI background search requires you to have fingerprints taken locally and sent to the channeling service in Ohio. Follow the instructions provided by CastleBranch carefully. The results of both searches will be accessible by SDSU via your CastleBranch account.   
    5. Please note that participants who elect to complete only the theory portion of the course are not required to open a CastleBranch account to submit the background checks.
  2. Email Coordinator for Continuing Education your verification of past/present licensure. 
    1. This information may be obtained free of charge from Nursys:
      • Select Quick Confirm Option
      • Enter your information to conduct the search
      • Download and email your personal report to the CNE office
  3. Complete the enrollment application.
    1. Complete the enrollment application.Arranging for the clinical experience is the responsibility of each prospective participant. A verbal commitment from a clinical site is required prior to requesting enrollment in the course. Clinical sites must be within the United States, or on a US Military base in a health care setting operated by medical staff licensed within the US. Examples of SDSU accepted clinical settings include but are not limited to hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, urgent care centers, rehabilitation centers, home health or hospice agencies. A State Board of Nursing may require the clinical to be completed in a specific healthcare environment. Prospective participants will make the initial contact to request and secure that the facility can provide a clinical experience. After a verbal commitment is achieved, enrollment in the course can begin. SDSU Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) staff will contact the clinical site to establish the required affiliation agreement.

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