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Scholarship Recognition

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Congratulations to these exemplary students and thank you to the donors for their tireless support toward student scholarships. These funds are instrumental to student success, and we truly could not provide the excellent programming that is Jackrabbit Nursing without your efforts. Scholarship recipients and donors typically have the opportunity to get acquainted each fall at the scholarship reception, but the 2020 reception was not held due to precautions taken as a result of the pandemic. Students were still awarded more than $395,000 in scholarships from generous donors to the College of Nursing.

New Scholarships

We'd like to extend a special thank you to the donors who made these newly established scholarships possible.

+Bahe-Kannegieter Family

The Bahe and Kannegieter families believe strongly in the need for highly-qualified, well-trained and prepared nursing professionals. Both families have personally experienced the passion and impact a nurse can have when providing care, compassion and comfort to patients. This scholarship was established to both encourage and assist SDSU nursing students to pursue their professional goals in nursing and healthcare. Lisa Kannegieter – SDSU Class of 1996. Lisa was born and raised in Willow Lake SD and attended SDSU on a women’s basketball scholarship. She earned her BS degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. She was a member of the Jackrabbit women’s basketball program from 1990-1994 and played under Head Coach Nancy Neiber. Lisa went on to coach girls high school basketball for 20+ years in South Dakota at Brookings and Pierre. Her 2004 Brookings team won the State AA Championship. Al Bahe – Al is the Director of Development for the College of Nursing at the SDSU Foundation. He’s a self-described “Rescue Rabbit,” having graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris. He graduated from Sherwood (ND) High School. Al’s career includes work for the State of South Dakota, BankWest and the SD Education Association in Pierre; Edgewood Health Care in Mitchell; and television stations in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Crystal Kannegieter – Crystal was raised at Lake Poinsett and attended school in Arlington, SD. After high school, she attended Stewart’s School of Hair Styling in Sioux Falls. After getting married, she moved to Willow Lake, SD to farm in Clark County with her husband, Marlyn, who passed away in 2019. Crystal is retired and continues to live in Willow Lake. Audrey Landauer – Audrey was born and raised in South Dakota and went to school in Arlington, SD. She completed business school in San Francisco, CA and then worked as a stockbroker in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Audrey is now retired and lives in Brookings, SD.

+Foland Family Endowed

The Foland Family Endowed Scholarship originated from the estate of Vern and Carrol Foland, rural Haakon County, given by Dr. Kay Foland. Members of the Foland Family have attended and graduated from SDSU starting in the 1960's. The Foland's believed in the value of higher education and supported their children and grandchildren in this pursuit. Dr. Kay Foland is a graduate of the SDSU nursing program and spent her entire professional career teaching with the SDSU College of Nursing Rapid City Program. The scholarship is meant to financially encourage and assist nursing students achieve their goal.

+Selma Kendrick

The Selma Kendrick Scholarship is designed for a first generation student from a Native American family pursuing a nursing degree. Selma was the first generation in her family to receive a degree and it set the stage for a long career in professional nursing in a variety of roles in oncology, critical care, and stem cell transplant. Her early schooling in many communities in South Dakota highlighted the need for educational opportunities to improve the lives of the community members. The scholarship was created for the support of students to pursue the career in nursing that has been so rewarding for Selma.

+Mary Anne and Jim Krogh

The Jim and Mary Anne Krogh scholarship is given to support SDSU Nursing Students. The Kroghs and their family have a long-standing SDSU history, dating back to the 1950s. In fact, Jim and Mary Anne met at SDSU while both were completing their undergraduate degrees. The Kroghs place high value on education and the opportunities it provides for young people. Mary Anne earned her BSN and Ph.D. degrees from the SDSU College of Nursing and became Dean of the College of Nursing in 2019. The scholarship is meant to provide financial assistance to nursing students in pursuit of their nursing goal.

+Lynette (Roth) Nygaard and Peter Nygaard in Honor of Clarence and Janus Roth

The Clarence and Janus Roth Nursing Scholarship is to honor the memory of the parents of Lynette (Roth) Nygaard. While neither Clarence nor Janus were able to attend college, they never failed to instill in their children the value of advanced education. That visionary parental guidance, combined with the SDSU College of Nursing curriculum, faculty and the overall SDSU experience, helped Lynette earn a BSN in nursing, also providing her with a solid foundation to pursue and obtain an advanced degree as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist. It is with gratitude to her parents, and in honor of their memory, that this Nursing Scholarship was established by Lynette and her husband, Peter Nygaard.

+Georgiana and Ron Olson Endowed

This scholarship is in appreciation for the women and men devoted to the nursing profession.  For the last 10 years of his life, Ron experienced numerous health issues, some of which were life-threatening. As a result, he spent many days in hospital care and for the last 2.5 years of his life, he was a resident of The Neighborhoods at Brookview Nursing Home. He passed away on November 24, 2019. The Olson family witnessed the skilled and compassionate care that nurses devote to their patients. Nurses and CNA’s work long hours, doing physically strenuous work caring for residents. Each patient has different needs for medication and diet as well as difference in physical ability and mental status. Infectious and contagious diseases can put these health care workers at risk for their own health. This scholarship was created to honor the work of those and all others in the nursing profession. Georgie and Ron lived in Madison SD before moving to Brookings in 1966, when they purchased what was then a small Pheasant Café. Together, they improved and grew the little café into The Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge, now one of the most familiar family-owned and operated dining establishments in Brookings. Their grandson, Michael Johnson, is the third generation in the family to manage the business. Georgie and Ron have 3 daughters - Paul, Eileen and Karen - and one son, Ken. They also have 7 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren as of August 2020. The couple celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on September 10, 2019.


The Fischer-Sieverson Scholarship is provided to financially encourage and assist nursing student(s) in achieving their professional goals. Both Bill, SDSU College of Agriculture, 1974, and Cheryl (Fischer) Sieverson, RN, M.S., SDSU College of Nursing, 1967 and 1996, are SDSU graduates. Cheryl spent 15 years of her professional career as an SDSU nursing educator in the College of Nursing Brookings program. Cheryl thoroughly enjoyed those years of teaching/working with nursing students at SDSU and her goal is to assist nursing students who are struggling financially to complete their education.

+Larry and Linda (Persinger) Stodghill Endowed

The Larry and Linda (Persinger) Stodghill Endowed Nursing Scholarship was established by SDSU grads, Linda, Nursing, Class of 1970 and Larry, Political Science, Class of 1971. Linda and Larry were married in December 1969 before Larry joined Linda at SDSU after serving in the U.S. Army in Viet Nam. Linda attended SDSU as an RN Mobility Student to earn her B.S.N. She was born in Brookings while her father, Dale Persinger, was finishing his Ag Engineering degree at SDSU. Dale was born and raised in Brookings as well. Linda’s parents returned to Brookings after serving in the U.S. Army. Linda’s mom was also a nurse. This endowed scholarship is to assist SDSU Nursing Students achieve their educational goals and pursue a professional career in nursing and healthcare.

+Mindy and Alan Tinkle

The Mindy and Alan Tinkle Scholarship in Nursing is given to help nursing students attain their career dreams. Dr. Mindy Tinkle has had a life-long career in nursing and much of it in nursing education. In the summer of 2018, Dr. Tinkle joined the SDSU College of Nursing as Associate Dean for Academic Programs. The Tinkles are dedicated to the value of higher education and are pleased to help students in this journey.  The nursing profession is truly an honorable and thrilling choice and this scholarship is meant to encourage and facilitate SDSU nursing students into the profession.

2020 Recipients

  • 3M — April Hoffman
  • Anderson Family — Ashley Solvie
  • Anna Atteberry-Gustafson and John Gustafson Graduate — Jay Naoom
  • Avera Excellence — Sharon Dosland, Moina Syed, Kylie Maxfield, Colton Klemme, Rachel Hewitt, Megan Haselhorst, Adiah Buysse, Caitlin Irish, Alexandria Sorenson, Morgan Argo, Jada Tschetter, Jessaca Zuidema, Breanna Mehlhaf, Leah Schmitt, Meghan Schaub, Brendan White
  • Lolita Lund Bartling — Moina Syed, Tegan Guess, Hannah Collins
  • Monroe Bebo Memorial — Jillian Ewald
  • Kathryn L. Carnahan Berreth & James D. Berreth — Carley Schumacher
  • Bertha Boekelheide Memorial — Sierra Bivens
  • Boman — Cody Ptacek
  • Dan and Linda Burdette — Latoya Shirley
  • Evelyn Lucille Carson Endowed — Kiara Glanzer
  • Lois Casperson Endowment — Madeline Marks
  • College of Nursing General — Samuel Bangasser, Kassidy Rohrbauck, Hailey Sagehorn, Avrey Dicke, Ryahna Schweigert, Alexis Hundley, Grace Weisser, Ashley Moss, Alexa Ring, Olivia Murray, Norman Englert, Jessica Hertel, McKenzie Schroeder, Lauren Allen, Olivia Welsh
  • Orena M. Cooper — Hailey Sagehorn
  • Gloria P. Craig — Seth Swedlund
  • Arthur H. Davis — Hannah Rogers, Jessica  Ryan, Kristi Palmer
  • Delores Dawley Endowment — Nicole Ascheman
  • Delores Dawley Graduate — Emily Boysen
  • Deans Development Council Endowed — Acadia Clark
  • Nancy DeVries Memorial — Kelli Keyes
  • Distad Family — Nicholas Hockenbary
  • Mabel E. Dunnom Memorial — Allison Schager
  • Noel H. Egan Family Endowed — Rylie Nettestad
  • R. Esther Erickson — Randa Mikkelsen, Jenna Larson, Bailey Vaughan
  • Fred and Thelma Erpenbach — Sara VanErdewyk, Samuel Ling
  • Foland Family Endowed — Kristan Soukup
  • Jill and Jerry Franken — Rachel Preston
  • Theresa Garren-Grubbs — Alecia Christian
  • Barbara Goddard Memorial — Emma Nelson
  • Eugene and JoAnn Goodale — Allison Schager
  • Eugene and JoAnn Olson Goodale Endowment — Caitlynn Runia
  • JoAnn (Olson) Goodale and Eugene Goodale Nurse Educator Graduate Endowment — Thomas Davies
  • Goodale Family — Gabrielle Knecht
  • Jacke Hall Green and Terry Green West River — Emilie Trcka
  • Dr. John Hagin — Ashley Moss, Avrey Dicke
  • Hargens Family — Tera Yanchunis
  • Lavina "Lee" Harris Memorial — Peyton Roesch
  • Harriette A. O. Hartung and Cecil H. Hartung Endowment — Sara Bear
  • Hawley Memorial — Madeline Marks
  • Margaret Hegge — Samuel Bangasser
  • Ruth & Maurice Hobus — Nathan Brown
  • Hoffart Family (In Memory of Kenneth and Eunice Hoffart) — Nicole Carlson
  • Dean and Sharon Hofland — Alexa Dulas
  • Dr. Sharon Hofland Doctoral — Molly Tschetter
  • June Hunstiger Memorial Graduate — Logan Frank
  • June Hunstiger Memorial Undergraduate — Katelyn Hauth, Anna Plotz, Marinda Archer, Jordan Neubrand
  • Sister Janice Iverson — Acadia Clark
  • Kannegieter-Bahe — Madeline Froelich
  • Selma J. Kendrick — Morgan Ducheneaux
  • Ruth and Don Kenefick — Katelyn Halverson
  • Kindred-Kropenske — Kiley Yankowiak
  • Donelle King — Kaley Stoulp
  • Kirby — Emily Randall
  • Ardelle Kleinsasser — Angela Wollmann
  • Robert and Inez Knickrehm — Sharon Zere
  • Milton and Janice Knutson — Keeley Fischbach, Grace Isaacson, Karlee Manding, Ashley Fischbach
  • Jim and Mary Anne Krogh — Madison Roepke
  • Evelyn Krueger Jones Memorial — Alyssa Olson, Kendyl Kreber, Norman Englert
  • Elsie Larson — Jalyn Ufkin, Cortney Becker
  • Gertrude Stahl Leemhuis and Vincent N. Leemhuis — Auston Hare
  • Jessica Lepkowski Memorial — Peyton Roesch
  • Bruce and Gloria Lutz Endowed DNP — Lea Niederbaumer
  • William G. Macksam — Grace Weisser
  • Harry and Connie Mansheim — Jessica Gile, Allyson Schleicher
  • Vernetta Muston McCraw — Chastin Mohr
  • Ardith McKown — Kelli Keyes
  • Nellie McLoughlin — Alyssa Hofer
  • Don McRoberts Endowment — Karlee Manding
  • Arnold and Katherine Megard Memorial — Mikayla Wevik
  • James and Melody Mielke — Adam Ziebarth
  • James and Melody Mielke Graduate — Katie Moen, Collin Moen
  • Amelia and Milo Monagle-Olson Endowed — Mallory Trapp
  • Sela and David Nagelhout — Kade Hellmann
  • Kim Hildebrand Nearhood and Bruce E. Nearhood Endowed — Bailey Leonard
  • Lynette Roth Nygaard & Peter Nygaard in Honor of C. and J. Roth — Marshall Lane
  • Barb Olson — Tori DeMers
  • Dorothy M. Olson — Ally Haake
  • Georgiana and Ronald Olson Endowed — Jessaca Zuidema
  • Roberta K. and David P. Olson — Taylor Halverson
  • Homer and Lillian Osvog — Maria Contreras-Dalal
  • Peck Family Endowment — Olivia Murray
  • James O. Pedersen Family — McKenzie Krogmann, Kirsten Johnson, Rosette Hulstein
  • Carol J. Peterson — Rhiannon Velazquez
  • Dr. Carol J. Peterson Endowment — Chloe Spain
  • Raymond C. and Rose T. Peterson Endowment — Madison DeJong
  • James and Sylvia Pickard — Grace Weisser, Brielle Cords
  • Dolores Pogrebniak Endowment — Jillian Ewald
  • Mike and Becky Randall — Kaci Madsen
  • Shirley Rapp Lingo International Studies — Tori DeMers
  • Mildred and Charlie Richeson Memorial — Renee Girtz
  • Marion Roach — Nicholas Hockenbary
  • Wanda Roberts Memorial — Elizabeth Leuthner
  • Patricia and Michael Roth — Bailey Tollefson
  • Ruth and Vern Schaefer — Hannah Ferens
  • Trudy Schmieding Endowment — Kordell Buyck
  • Leslie A. Scholl — Lilly Mallett
  • Cheryl and Bill Sieverson — Paige Young
  • Fay and Mary Smith Memorial — Allison Schager
  • Merlin J. Snyder — Brooke Thibodeau
  • Social Justice — Kaley Flanagan
  • Deb Soholt — Mariah Suess
  • South Dakota Area Health Education Center — Madelyn Ponto
  • Sandra Soye — McKenzie Schroeder
  • St. John's Rapid City Regional — Kelli Keyes
  • Dr. Fred and Mary Stahmann Endowed — Ryahna Schweigert
  • Amanda Steen Memorial — Hailey Olson
  • Linda (Persinger) and Larry Stodghill — Logan McConnell
  • Connie A. Stonefield Memorial — Nicholas Hockenbary
  • Clarence M. and Verna M. Sturdevant — Jessaca Zuidema
  • Mindy and Alan Tinkle — Breana Kirsch
  • John and Alyce B. Travers — Crystal Clark, Kelsey Glynn, Anna Bellinghiere, Kristi Palmer
  • Elaine Olness Trump and David S. Trump — Emily Pincus, Jessica Berndt
  • Lois and Wes Tschetter Endowed — Tiffany Evans
  • Unsung Hero in Health — Brooke Balfe
  • Myron and Joan Van Buskirk Endowed — Anna Hall
  • Kaye (Zimmer) Vander Ven — Kaitlyn Crow
  • Allan Vig Memorial — Avery Emmans
  • Jacob Visser Memorial — Brenna Anderson
  • Vucurevich Foundation for Rapid City — Morgan Ducheneaux, Whitney Pittmon, Tia Tiller, Mariah Evans, Grace Doorn, Ashley Sandidge, Charice Suomala, Melissa Fromm, Monica Ruiz, Amanda Recher, Kelsey Glynn, Colette Gorder, Shannon Burnette-Meek, Trista Caron, Kalen Mehlhaff, Emily Wright, Kirsten Johnson, Emilie Trcka, Ashley Abrams, Janice Conlee, Gabrielle Miller, Kathleen Hupp, Brianna Philipsen, Ashley Hamaker, Caitlin Oster, Darcey Martin, Brooke Phillips, Megan Armfield, Halli Dobler, Jadyn Woodward, Anna Jealous of Him, Katherine Lane, Kristin Colhoff, Tshering Sherpa, Kelli Keyes, Jennifer Dickerson, Andrea Hearting, Sarika Khadka, Michael Dumdei, Jessica Ryan, Karli Phillips, Taylor Nunn, Maddison Miller, Lana Nielsen, Kayla Addison, Andrew Resick, Tori Gaer, Janessa Gross, Justice Howard, Jessica Christensen, Hannah Rogers, Jacqueline Stengel, Bailey Leonard, Joanna Danielson, Tera Yanchunis, Lydia Traeder, Hannah Skala, Scott Walton, Jamie Lascelles, Shaylee Mumby, Bailey Kusser, Marisa Eimers
  • Tracy and Agnes Walseth — Alyssa Olson
  • Willda Weeks Heath — Jillian Ewald
  • Carol "Jean" Wilcox Janas Memorial — Lilly DeCook
  • Barbara Wilkens Endowed — Madison DeJong
  • Edward and Catherine Williamson — Kalli Jelen
  • Jim and Venita Winterboer — Hannah Kunkel
  • Helen and Roger Zebarth — Lauren Allen

External Scholarships

  • Avera St. Luke’s — Myranda Becking, Darien Watson
  • Brookings Health System Foundation — Kristan Soukup, April Hoffman
  • South Dakota Board of Nursing Education Scholarship — Marinda Archer, Katlyn Bartz, Courtney Becker, Jessica Berndt, RoseMarie Blote, Julie Bolding, Megan Brown, Jessica Buhr, Ally Carpenter, Jessica Christensen, Acadia Clark, Christel Dodd, Brooklyn Donald, Molly Dowling, Michael Dumdei, Danielle Emmett, Kara Feistner, Keeley Fischbach, Ashley Fischbach, Kiara Glanzer, McKenzie Gloege, Marcus Goodfellow, Brooke Hankel, Andrea Hearting, April Hoffman, Jessica Houser, Justice Howard, Kylie Huygens, Baylee Ideker, Anna Jealous of Him, Tori Jensen, Allie Kingsbury, Wendy Kurtz, Kaci Madsen, Jazmin Maxey, Colleen McNamara, Cori McNamara, Ashley Mehlhop, Randa Mikkelsen, Amanda Miles, Tasha Mueller, Bailey Niemann, Kaitlyn Norfolk, Brooke Phillips, Madelyn Ponto, Macy Reynolds, Miah Schallenkamp, Stacia Snoozy, Kristan Soukup, Alaina Struwe, Samantha Suek, Laura Thomas, Mallory Trapp, Kessa Tribby, Molly Tschetter, Damaris Waldner, Todd Wilen, Tia Zutte

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