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Shot of two students walking on campus with blue skies and the sun coming up over the buildings.

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Visit SDState

Come Meet Your Future!

Experience everything that SDState can offer. There is no better way to learn about the Jackrabbits!

We'll Roll Out the Blue Carpet for You!

SDState offers a variety of visit options to suit your individual needs. Explore our visit opportunities below. Come meet the people that will help shape your future and define your college experience!

Daily Visit

Daily Campus Visits (links to In-Person Visits

Offered Monday through Friday

Walk the blue carpet! You will get a tour of campus with an Admissions Ambassador and meet with an Admissions Counselor. You can also add a meeting with a department representative in the academic area of your choice.

Transfer Student Visits

Transfer Student Visits  

Offered Monday through Friday

No matter where you started, you can finish strong as a Jackrabbit. Visit campus for an experience designed specifically for students considering or planning to transfer to South Dakota State.

Overview Of Campus

Jackrabbit Previews (links to Jackrabbit Preview)

Our most popular visit option!

Spend a day with us and dozens of other future Jackrabbits and their families as we take you through everything you need to know about becoming an SDSU student.

Jackrabbit Reception

Jackrabbit Reception (links to Jackrabbit Reception)

Sunday, March 26 — Rapid City
Sunday, April 2 — Sioux Falls

We are bringing SDSU a little closer to you! Visit with Admissions, academic reps, and current students closer to home.

Yellow & Blue Discovery Day

Yellow and Blue Discovery Days (links to Yellow & Blue Discovery Day)

April 22 & April 29, 2023

A Saturday visit option for high school students to explore campus and take an in-depth look at the academic program of their choice.

Jackrabbit Engineering Day

Jackrabbit Engineering Day (links to Jackrabbit Engineering Day)

Wednesday, April 26

Explore our engineering programs and facilities, and connect with faculty, students and industry partners at the Engineering Expo.

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Why Visit SDState?

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Connect with Admissions

Our Admissions staff will take you through what you need to know about becoming a Jackrabbit.

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Personalized Tour

Explore campus, check out a residence hall and learn about our college experience from someone living it—our Admissions Ambassadors.

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Meet your Future Faculty

Shape your career path by learning more about your academic interests with some of our world-class faculty.

Upcoming Campus Visit Events

Jackrabbit Preview University Student UnionRegister
Jackrabbit Preview University Student UnionRegister
Jackrabbit Preview University Student UnionRegister
Jackrabbit Preview University Student UnionRegister

It's a great day to become a Jackrabbit!

Have you seen this campus? It's worth a look.

Plan your visit.

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