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Population Health Evaluation Center

Section - Population Health Evaluation Center (PHEC)

The Population Health Evaluation Center (PHEC) is a service center within the College of Nursing at SDSU. The center partners with clients to strengthen the services in public health, well-being and/or education they provide within their communities.

Specializing in providing program evaluation and assessment services, the center gathers and interprets data to help organizations understand the impact of their work and realize new opportunities to improve their quality of service and expand their reach. Many of its projects focus on efforts to improve the health and quality of life in rural Midwestern communities.

PHEC’s multi-disciplinary team is committed to:

  • Providing the highest quality of service
  • Understanding the context and communities served
  • Collaborating with partners to build evaluation capacity
  • Producing meaningful, usable information tailored to a program or organization
  • Encouraging the use of evaluation findings for continuous program improvement
  • Accessing experts within the university to enhance evaluation