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Scholarly Outcomes

Scholar of the Year

2020 Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Abuatiq, A., Brown, R., Wolles, B., and Randall, R. (2020). Perceptions of Stress: Patient and Caregiver Experiences with Stressors during Hospitalization. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 24(1). doi: 10.1188/20.CJON.51-57
  • Arends, R., Elverson, C.A., Keefner, T.P., and Mylant, M. (2020) Screening brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) training for advanced practice students. Family Nurse Practitioner Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. doi: 10.1097/JXX.0000000000000423
  • Arends, R., and Herman, J. (2020). Improving Health Policy Competency through Collaboration and Enhanced Curriculum Delivery. Journal of Professional Nursing 36(6), 681-684.
  • Letcher, D., Massey, M., Nelson, M., and Elverson, C.A. (2020). Creating a Culture of Caring: A shared academic-practice clinical curriculum. Nurse Educator, 45(5). doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000735
  • Brown, R., and Abuatiq, A. (2020) Resilience as a Strategy to Survive Organizational Change. Nursing Management, 51(2), 16-21. doi: 10.1097/01.NUMA.0000651180.42231.ef
  • Cordell, A., and Elverson, C.A. (2020). Interventions to improve breastfeeding outcomes from six weeks to six months: A systematic review. Western Journal of Nursing Research,
  • Da Rosa, P., Zhang, W., Michael, S., and Mennenga, H. (in press). Patterns of Female Breast Cancer in South Dakota: A Geographical Analysis. Journal Preventing Chronic Disease.
  • Essen, K., and Brown, R. (2020). Impact of Nurses’ Weight Status on Patient Health Promotion: Literature Review. Nursing Management, 51(8), 44-49.
  • Gibson, N., Arends, R., Voss, J., Marckstadt, S., and Nissen, M. (2020). Reinforcing telehealth competence through nurse practitioner clinical experiences. Journal of Nursing Education, 59(7), 412-417. doi: 10.3928/0148483-20200617-12
  • Hendrickx, L., Pelzel, H., Burdette, L., and Hartung, N. (2020). Pediatric clinical placement in rural settings: The summer camp experience. Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care, 20(1), 142-155.
  • Keefner, T.P., and Stenvig, T. (in press) Rethinking suicide risk with a new generation of suicide theories. Research and Theory for Nursing Practice.
  • Keefner, T.P., and Stenvig. T. (2020). Searching for a sense of place: The process of how adolescent girls overcome suicidality. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 41(10), 855-872.
  • Letcher, D., Massey, M., Nelson, M. and Elverson, C.A. (2020). Creating a Culture of Caring: A shared academic-practice clinical curriculum. Nurse Education, 45(5). doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000735
  • Mariani, B., Horsley, T.L., Fey, M., Gle, D., Atz, T., Hetzell Campbell, S. Daniels, A., Westmoreland Miller, C. (2020). Simulation Research Rubric: Further Analysis of Published Simulation Studies and Future Implications. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 48, 89-93.
  • Mennenga, H., Brown, R., Horsley, T. L., Abuatiq, A., and Plemmons, C. (2020). Collaborating with rural partners to provide a primary care experience for undergraduate nursing students. Nurse Education Today, doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000000876
  • Mollman, S., and Bondmass, M. (2020). Intentional Learning: A student-centered pedagogy. International. Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship, 17(1).
  • Mylant, M.L., Isaacson, M. J., Heil, J. (in press). The feasibility of the strengthening family and an adapted American Indian nutrition and physical activity program: A pilot study. South Dakota Medicine.
  • Thorston, R., and Voss, J. (2020). Hand Hygiene Decreases Mortality. Journal of Emergency Medical Services.
  • Varilek, B., and Isaacson, M. J. (2020). The dance of cystic fibrosis: Experiences of living with cystic fibrosis as an adult. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 29(17-18), 3553-3564. doi:10.1111/jocn.15397

Presentations and additional scholarly outcomes can be found on the College of Nursing Our People page.