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Scholarly Outcomes


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Born, S. L. (Co-Principal), Carotta, C. L. (Co-Principal), Elverson, C. A. (Supporting), "South Dakota Early Childhood Mental Health Collaborative," Subaward with Southeastern Behavioral Healthcare, Sponsored by SAMHSA, $2,127,544.00. (9/30/2018-9/29/2023).

Hendrickx, L. & Pelzel, H. were awarded the Dawley Seed Grant Award for “Determining Nursing Students’ Knowledge of Specialized Nutritional Needs of Children: A Rural Summer Camp Clinical Experience”.

Hendrickx,L. &Pelzel, H were awarded first prize in the poster contest at the annual SDNA convention. (October2018).

Horsley, T. L. Goodale Nursing Faculty Scholar at SDSU April 5, 2018.

Huber, E., SDSU Online Teaching Master Certification November 2018.

Hulme, P., Nurse of the Year, South Dakota Nurses Association Districts 8 & 9, October 8, 2018.

Isaacson, M., Selected as a 2018 HPNA Research Scholar and a participant at the 12th Annual Kathleen Foley Palliative Care Retreat. (2018, Fall). LaJolla, CA.

Gibson, N. America Academy of Nurse Practitioners South Dakota Nurse Practitioner Advocate award, 2018.

Monson, M. received Crisis Prevention Institute’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention certification.

Warne, B. received 32nd Annual Spirit of South Dakota award. Honored October 6, 2018 at the Huron Event Center.

Professional Service Leadership Activities

Arends, R. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties Nominating Committee Chair, 2018- Present; American Association of Nurse Practitioners, South Dakota State Representative, 2015-Present.; American Association of Nurse Practitioners Health Policy Conference Planning Committee, 2018-Present

Brown, R. Chair of the Hilton M. Briggs Library Committee

Buttolph, A. Member of NCSBN, NCLEX Item Writing Panel

Garren-Grubbs, T. Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, Member of the Clinical Practice Committee; Invited member of LifeCircle South Dakota

Gibson, N. Jonas Alumni Advisory Council member, 2016-2018

Gibson, N. Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota President, 2016-Present

Hendrickx, L. Member of Western Institute of Nursing’s Program Planning Committee; Member of American Association of Critical Care Nurses’ Chapter Award Selection Committee

Horsley, T. L. Lead Nurse Planner for the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation & Learning, 2015-2018

Isaacson, M. Invited to serve as a member of the HPNA Research Advisory Council and the HPNA Research Scholars Program at the 12th Annual Kathleen Foley Palliative Care Retreat, (2018, Fall)

Pasquariello, L. American Holistic Nurses Association, Central Illinois Chapter Leader, 2018-present

Pasquariello, L. American Holistic Nurses Association, Beginnings Magazine Continuing Education Item Writer, 2017-present

Stenvig, T. Professional Nurse Credentials and Standards Committee, CGFNS International, Philadelphia, PA. (2018-2019)

Book Chapters/Other Publications

Mennenga, H., Johansen, L., Foerster, B., & Hendrickx, L. (2018). Development and psychometric evaluation of the Rural Knowledge Scale. In C. Winters & H. Lee (Eds.), Rural Nursing: Concepts, Theory, and Practice (5th Edition) (pp. 315-324). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

Hendrickx, L., Mennenga, H., & Johansen, L. (2018). Clinical placements in rural hospitals: Expanding nursing students knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward rural healthcare. In C. Winters & H. Lee (Eds.), Rural Nursing: Concepts, Theory, and Practice (5th Edition) (pp.325-334). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.

Mennenga, H. (2018). Implementation of the curriculum. In S. Keating & S. DeBoor (Eds,), Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing Education (4th ed) (p. 107-122). New York, NY: Spring Publishing Company, LLC.

South Dakota Department of Health Reports

Da Rosa, P., Miller A., Cudmore K. (in press). The Burden and Trends of Colorectal Cancer in South Dakota. South Dakota Public Health Bulletin.

Da Rosa, P., Pugsley, L. (in press). Cancer Clinical Trial Accrual in South Dakota, 2013-2016. South Dakota Public Health Bulletin.

Da Rosa, P., Jodozi-Molengraaf C. (2018). 2017 South Dakota Youth Tobacco Survey Report [Research Report]. South Dakota State University, Office of Nursing Research.

Presentations and additional scholarly outcomes can be found on the College of Nursing Our People page.