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Scholarly Outcomes

Scholar of the Year

2022 Peer Reviewed Publications

Abuatiq, A., Brown, R., Plemmons, C., Walstrom, B., Hultman, C., Currier, D., Schmit, M., Kvigne, V., Horsley, L. & Mennenga, H. (2022). Nursing faculty and students' satisfaction with telepresence robots during COVID-19 pandemic. Nurse Educator, 47(2), E39-E42. doi: 10.1097/NNE.0000000000001155

Arends, R. & Callies, D. (2022). Dissemination enhancement in Doctor of Nursing Practice students. Journal of Professional Nursing, 40, 34-37.

Bechthold, A.C., Azuero, A., Pisu, M., Pierce, J.Y., Williams, G.R., Taylor, R.A., Wells, R., Curry, K., Reed, R.D., Harrell, E.R., Gazaway, S., Mollman, S., Engler, S., Puga, F., Bakitas, M.A. & Dionne-Odom, J.N. (2022). The Project ENABLE Cornerstone randomized controlled trial: Study protocol for a lay navigator-led, early palliative care coaching intervention for African American and rural-dwelling advanced cancer family caregivers. Trials, 23(1), 452.

Brennan, B. (2022). Psychometric evaluation of the clinical and simulation general self-efficacy scale. Nursing Education Perspectives, 44(2), 105-106.

Brennan, B. (2022). The impact of self-efficacy based prebriefing on nursing student clinical competency and self-efficacy in simulation: An experimental study. Nurse Education Today, 109, 1-6.

Brown, R., Plemmons, C., Abuatiq, A., Hultman, C., Currier, D., Schmit, M., Kvigne, V., Walstrom, B., Horsley, L. & Mennenga, H. (2022). Evaluating knowledge of public health nursing competencies in baccalaureate nursing students. Nursing Education Perspectives, (10-1097). DOI: 10.1097/01.NEP.0000000000001083

Fischer, S., Isaacson, M., Sharma, R. & Johnson, K. (2022). Racism in palliative care research: We still have a long ways to go. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management., 65(1), 1-5.

Hoffman, S., Voss, J., Hendrickx, L. & Gibson, N. (2022). Effect of emergency severity index (ESI) annual competency assessment on mistriage. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 37(4), 356-361.

Isaacson, M., Duran, T., Johnson, G., Soltoff, A., Jackson, S., Petereit, D. & Armstrong, K. (2022). “Calling the spirit back:” Spiritual needs among Great Plains American Indians. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management., 64(3), 268-275.

Karels, E., Voss, J., Arends, R. & Horsley, T. (2022). Impact of Infection Control Education on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Procedural Staff. Gastroenterology Nursing, 45(2), 91-100.

Mollman, S., Walstrom, B., Kerkvliet, J., Berke, C., Hawkins-Taylor, C. & Anderson, D. (2022). Pragmatic digital approaches for conducting focus groups in rural and frontier areas: Weathering the storms. SAGE Research Methods: Doing Research Online, online publication.

Mollman, S., Berke, C., Anderson, D., Walstrom, B., Minton, M., Sinclair, S., Kerkvliet, J. & Hawkins-Taylor, C. (2022). Access to palliative care services: Innovative development of a statewide network. Journal of Palliative Medicine.

Purvis, S., Solthoff, A., Isaacson, M., Duran, T., Johnson, G., LaPlante, J., Tobey, M. & Armstrong, K. (2022). COVID-19 testing factors among Great Plains American Indians. Journal of Racial and Ethnic Disparities, advance online publication.

Seydel, A., Moutsoglou, N., Varilek, B., Minton, M. & Isaacson, M. (2022). Navigating disharmony: Nurse experiences providing end of life communication. Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing, 24(6), 328-334. 10.1097/njh.0000000000000909

Soltoff, A., Purvis, S., Ravicz, M., Isaacson, M., Duran, T., Johnson, G., Sargent, M., LaPlante, J., Petereit, D., Armstrong, K. & Daubman, B. (2022). Factors influencing palliative care access and delivery for Great Plains American Indians. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 64(3), 276-286.

Soltoff, A., Isaacson, M., Stoltenberg, M., Duran, T., LaPlante, J., Petereit, D., Armstrong, K. & Daubman, B. (2022). Utilizing the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to explore palliative care program implementation for American Indian and Alaska Natives throughout the United States. Journal of Palliative Medicine, 25(4), 643-649.

Zweifel, A., Karin, E. & Gregory, G. (2022). Exploring learning effectiveness for participants roles during healthcare simulation. Nurse Education Today, 119, 1-6.

Presentations and additional scholarly outcomes can be found on the College of Nursing Our People page.