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For an affordable, life-changing, and career-launching education, look no further than SDSU. It's a place thriving with opportunities—with 200+ academic options to offer.

Not to mention, you'll meet all sorts of professors, classmates, and potential new friends, ensuring you get an experience that goes far beyond the typical classroom environment—while still giving you plenty of that, too.


FALL 2019

Spring 2020


FALL 2020


Our graduate students don't just attend class. They teach. They present papers, both regionally and nationally. They research—a lot. (And yes, they attend plenty of class too.)

Grad school at SDSU offers 38 programs dispersed across seven academic colleges, ensuring flexibility in your study and a path that interest you. By the end of your graduate studies at SDSU, that "step up" you were looking for in your career will be a stairway.

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