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Healthcare Simulation Center Partners, Faculty and Staff

The Healthcare Simulation Center partners, faculty and staff are dedicated to the continuous improvement of healthcare and the transformation of healthcare education through research, lifelong learning and clinical and academic excellence.


Interim Healthcare Simulation Center Director

Leann has been facilitating learning within a simulation environment since 2004. She has extensive experience designing, implementing and evaluating simulation experiences in both nursing education and inter-professional groups aligning with the INACSL Standards of Best Practice: SimulationSM. Leann has experience in both academia with students and in healthcare with providers.

Healthcare Simulation Center Assistant Director

Alyssa is the Healthcare Simulation Center Assistant Director. She has been teaching in undergraduate nursing programs since 2015, with involvement in undergraduate nursing student simulation. Alyssa coordinates simulation, facilitates pre and debriefing, runs the manikin and technology components and acts as a live patient. She ran simulations and wrote simulation competencies for current practicing nurses from 2010-2015 in a hospital setting. Alyssa participated on a team at Avera McKennan that developed simulated learning scenarios for new graduate and experienced nurses. She also provided many “just in time” simulation training sessions to practicing nurses.

Simulation Site Coordinators


Anne's simulation experience began during her Master’s Education with time spent assisting the US Navy in aviation simulation and research. She has utilized simulation in nursing education at the university level and in the hospital setting including the National Institutes of Health in the Special Clinical Studies Unit which is designed for patients exposed to bio-terrorism. Currently she serves as the simulation faculty site lead at the Aberdeen site. In addition to scheduling, setting up, running each simulation and debriefing, Anne also functions in the Standardize Patient role.


Annette’s simulation experience began during her time at the University of South Dakota (USD). While at USD, Annette was Instrumental in the development and implementation of their simulation program. Annette has brought her skills and expertise to the SDSU College of Nursing and has been involved in the creation and review of simulations, using INCSAL standards.

Danielle has five years of simulation experience at the academic level, and was previously involved with simulation in a healthcare facility. Danielle works closely with our Assistant Director to develop simulations and make changes to current simulations that coincide with INASCL Standards of Best Practice for Simulation. She also trains new faculty to ensure they understand our debriefing model and can carry that out during the simulations they are involved in. As a site coordinator, Danielle helps role out changes that need to occur with our simulations.

Rapid City

Megan has been an active member of the SDSU CON HCSC faculty simulation team at the Rapid City campus since the start of her teaching career. Megan has participated in a number of simulations and has become a dedicated simulation faculty member. In addition to participating in simulations Megan has also assisted in the updating and editing of new and existing simulations.

Sioux Falls

Prior to joining the SDSU College of Nursing, Takara was involved in the writing of simulations at Augustana University and George Williams College of Aurora University. Takara has completed the Laerdal training for operation of SimView, SimMom, Sim NewB, SimMan and SimJunior and the University of Washington simulation modules. Takara is an integral part of the SDSU team and has been highly involved in the development of new simulation scenarios.

Simulation Technicians

Jackie has been involved with simulation at South Dakota State University as the Learning Lab Coordinator since 2007. She has been involved in almost every aspect of simulation, including design of the spaces and planning/purchase of equipment, supplies and furnishings; maintaining inventory of supplies and equipment; assuring that all lab and simulation labs are set up and ready for student learning; assisting faculty with operation and troubleshooting of simulation manikins and equipment, and use of the electronic medical record system; recruiting individuals to serve as standardized patients; stepping in assist with running/debriefing simulations; preparing and facilitating the lab and simulation environments for tours, and hands on activities for prospective students, nurse camp students and other visitors; assisting with annual Simulation sessions with nurses from Brookings Health System; interacting daily with the Simulation Technician and faculty from multiple courses to facilitate optimal learning situations for students. Jackie has completed a week long Certification in Simulation Course at Drexel University and continues to attend relevant training in order to support effective delivery of nursing informatics and simulation. She has also been a member of the Simulations and Informatics Committee for several years. Part of the work of the committee includes review and revision of simulations used in the nursing curriculum.

Certified Healthcare Simulation Educators and Certified Healthcare Simulation Operations Specialists

  • Paula Carson, Ph.D., RN, CHSE
  • Leann Horsley, Ph.D., RN, CHSE, CNE
  • Annette Ray, M.S.N., CNE, CHSE
  • Alyssa Zweifel, M.S., RN, CHSE