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RN to B.S.N.

Are you an RN who wants to earn a B.S.N.?

The RN to B.S.N. program is a fully online, flexible and affordable option designed to help associate and diploma registered nurses move ahead in their nursing career. The RN to B.S.N. is offered in three or five semesters. Registered nurses can design their own pace of degree completion. All coursework is available online, and the curriculum is designed with the working registered nurse in mind. The number of registered nurses accepted may vary depending upon available qualified faculty and funds. Selection is made from the best qualified registered nurse.

See our FAQ  page for commonly asked questions. View the complete curriculum plan for more information on courses.

Interested in viewing transfer course equivalencies? Use our transfer  equivalency calculator.

Students may transfer up to 90 community college credits. Qualified registered nurses interested in the graduate nursing specializations can select the RN to M.S.N. or RN to DNP program.

Application Requirements

Important information for applicants

Applications from "not authorized/not exempt" states cannot be considered at this time. Due to higher education regulatory requirements, South Dakota State University is unable to accept applications for admission to the RN to B.S.N., RN to M.S.N., RN to DNP and graduate nursing programs from persons who reside in, or intend to reside in, any of the states identified as "not authorized/not exempt" or those in which clinical or internships cannot be completed as noted on the South Dakota State University authorization by state map. South Dakota State continues to seek additional authorization in the states listed as "not authorized/not exempt". Please continue to check the map frequently for any updates.