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International Opportunities

Change the way you learn by changing where you learn

Photo courtesy of Sarah Tow

Are you ready to see nursing from a completely different perspective? By studying abroad, you will encounter practices and skills from another point of view. Students can chose from more than 150 international options through the state’s largest Study Abroad Program. The College of Nursing offers two of our own study abroad opportunities in Sweden and Ghana.


Through the School of Health Sciences at the University of Jönköping and SDSU College of Nursing, undergraduate nursing students can take a summer course in Sweden. The experience gives students the chance to develop a greater sense of cooperative responsibility and spirit of unity that affects not only the nurse, but the client as well. Students who participate in the program will:

  • develop an increased knowledge of professional nursing practices
  • facilitate understanding and acceptance of international diversity
  • exchange ideas with students and faculty


You can join SDSU faculty and students for Healthcare in Ghana. This faculty-led trip will provide students with an academic experience that exposes students to the healthcare delivery system and factors influencing health and healthcare in Ghana, West Africa. Students will have multiple visits to Sanford clinics in both urban and rural areas. Students who participate in the program will:

  • identify cultural practices by interacting with residents of local communities
  • learn about medicinal plants and the process of creating traditional drugs
  • visit several significant landmarks to better understand these influences on the people of Ghana

Students enroll in HSC 492/592 for 3 credits in the spring semester. The travel component will take place in the summer.