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A collage of 4 images showing students and faculty performing research using electronic equipment, machines, cattle, precision agriculture vehicles, and lab equipment

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Welcome to SDSU’s portal for research, scholarship, and creative activity (RSCA). Here, SDSU faculty and staff, plus collaborators and sponsors, will find information, resources, tools, and contacts for help in creating and disseminating new knowledge and securing sponsored funding for their work. 

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Plastic pollution

Could spent coffee grounds provide an alternative to plastic packaging?

A new study from Srinivas Janaswamy has revealed how spent coffee grounds can be made into biodegradable films—material that could one day replace plastics.

Blanton to join College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences' leadership team

John Blanton Jr. has been named the director of South Dakota State University's Agricultural Experiment Station and the associate dean for research for the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

Novel algorithm allows farmers to monitor crops in real time

Farmers across the United States will be able to monitor their crops in real time, thanks to a novel algorithm from researchers in South Dakota State University's Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence. ...