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Admitted Student Statistics

Standard Bachelor of Science in Nursing Fact and Fiction of Admission

Getting past the rumors and tall tales surrounding B.S.N. admission isn't easy. The SDSU College of Nursing academic advisors have compiled this information to help you arrive at the truth about various aspects of B.S.N. admission.

Our Admission Process

We have been educating nurses at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels for over 80 years. Healthcare is ever-changing and nursing must keep pace with that.

We have continuously evolved to incorporate new models of nursing education and along with that, new methods for admission processes have been used. SDSU College of Nursing understands the challenges faced by both nurses and the clients they serve and know that in order to provide the highest level of care, nurses and clients must be reflections of each other.

Beginning with the fall 2019 admission cycle, the SDSU College of Nursing (both undergraduate and graduate programs) embraced and implemented a holistic admissions process. In essence, we now are including a combination of items, experiences, attributes and metrics (EAMs) which will assist us in finding those individuals who will be able to face the challenges of today’s healthcare needs and those that will arise in the future.

So when you are considering a place to pursue your dream to become a registered nurse or advance your nursing career, we hope you will consider us to help you achieve your dream.

We have a strong foundation of nursing excellence and we are well positioned to create the nursing workforce that will care for patients of the future. We welcome the opportunity to walk the journey with you; the journey that starts with one step.