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Wicisakib Waunspe Wikiyapi, Mentoring Program

student with faculty

RN to B.S.N. Nurse Mentoring

The RN to B.S.N. program is designed for diploma or associate degree nursing students to earn their baccalaureate degree completely on-line.

The Native American Nursing Education Center supports RN to B.S.N. students through mentoring and academic support. Mentors are available to students via face-to-face meetings, emails and/or phone calls/texting. Mentors provide support, encouragement and resources that students may find helpful on their journey to earning their B.S.N. online.

Undergraduate Nurse Mentoring

Mentoring is also offered for Native American pre-nursing and nursing students. The Lakota nurse mentor meets with the student monthly and as needed. The mentor is available as a guide, role model and advocate as the student progresses through the nursing program.

Graduate Nursing Mentoring

Lastly, the we offer mentoring to Native students enrolled in the graduate nursing program. In collaboration with graduate nursing, the mentor provides additional social, academic and cultural support. Mentoring provides a one-on-one relationship where Native graduate students can seek guidance, direction and encouragement throughout their graduate nursing education experience.   

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