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About the Healthcare Simulation Center


HCSC strives for excellence in simulation education, research, scholarship, and health services to diverse individuals, communities, and populations across the life span. The HCSC improves human health and quality of life for people in the state of South Dakota, the region, the nation, and the world.


The HCSC will be a national leader in quality simulation education within and/or between various disciplines.

Core Values

  • People-Centered: We recognize leadership is derived from service to others. We are committed to creating a culture where all thrive and are supported on their own personal and professional paths toward lifelong learning, growth, and leadership.

  • Creativity: Creativity is our cornerstone to expand knowledge, develop human understanding, and enrich quality of life. We believe that education and research/scholarship/creative activity reinforce one another and the best academic programs bring innovative teaching and rigorous research together.
  • Integrity: We act with organizational and personal integrity, through honest interactions, professionalism, transparent and accountable decision-making, and respect for others.
  • Diversity: We are committed to diversity of community and ideas. We believe in a supportive, inclusive, collaborative, and cohesive environment with a focus on access. We actively seek collaboration and we respect individuals with differing perspectives, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.
  • Excellence: Excellence is achieved through continuous improvement, assessment, and
    accountability. We embrace bold action and adapt to an ever-changing environment.
    Individually, we are experts at what we do. Collectively, our impact is even greater.