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Health Professionals Learning Community

More than just a place to live

The Health Professionals Living-Learning Community (HPLLC) is a place for students in health-related majors to thrive on the main campus in Brookings. Here, you will live and learn with other students interested in these fields. You will have the opportunity to study with your classmates, grow as a professional and develop friendships with students who share similar goals.

Mathews Hall
Mathews Hall

Not only that, students living at the HPLLC have a built-in "support group" right on their floor in Mathews Hall. And, once a year, HPLLC members can sit down with faculty and academic advisors at a dinner event. Other benefits include:

  • Internet-equipped computers in your residence hall.
  • Organized study groups.
  • A living-learning community coordinator to serve s a campus resource.
  • People on your floor with similar interests.
  • A variety of social activities.

Who Can join?

All incoming first-year students interested in health-related majors (such as pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy, pre-medicine and others) are eligible to join the HPLLC at no additional cost.

How Do I Join?

Simply indicate your interest in the HPLLC by answering "yes" to the question "Would you like to sign up for an LLC?" on the housing application. From there, select "Health Professions" from the drop-down menu on the LLC preference page and answer the additional questions. Since space is limited, students will be enrolled in the living-learning community on a first-come, first-served basis.