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Order Instructions for CastleBranch

Section - College of Nursing

When you place your initial order, you will be prompted to create your secure myCB account. From within your myCB, you will be able to:

  • View your order results
  • Manage requirements specific to your programs
  • Complete tasks as directed to meet deadlines
  • Upload and store important documents and records
  • Place additional orders as needed

To place an order, go to CastleBranch. In the “place Order” field, enter the following package code specific to your organization:


During order placement you will be asked for personal identifying information needed for security or compliance purposes. Supplying accurate and comprehensive information is important to the speed in which your order is completed. 

The email address you use when placing your order will become your username for your myCB and will be the primary form of communication for alerts and messages. Payment methods include: MasterCard, Visa, debit card, electronic check, money order and installment payment. 

You can respond to any active alerts or To-Do List items now, or return later by logging into your myCB. You will receive alerts if information is needed to process your order. Access your myCB anytime to view order status and completed results. Authorized users at your organization will have access to view your compliance status from a separate CastleBranch portal.

Your myCB Service Desk is available to assist you by calling: 888-723-4263.