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2005: 50 Works for 50 Years

D. George Prisbe-Przybysz

Cheyenne Cedars

D. George Prisbe-Przybysz is a native of South Dakota and currently resides at Hanna, SD. The artist believes that living in South Dakota affects his art, “most dramatically. As a landscape painter, I am greatly influenced and seduced by the natural world. We are free to find our own voice out here. Rembrandt said ‘wherever you are born, your birthplace offers more beauty than you will ever be able to paint during your whole life.’”

Cheyenne Cedars was purchased from the South Dakota Governor’s First Biennial Art Exhibition. The Museum’s permanent collection includes nine intaglio prints from the artist’s graduate studies at Ohio University-Athens and three landscape paintings. Most recently, Prisbe-Przybysz donated an important landscape painting from his Dakota Tonalism series.

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