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South Dakota Art Museum Copyist Guidelines

South Dakota Art Museum Copyist Guidelines - artist painting

Artists are welcome to practice copyist painting in the galleries of the South Dakota Art Museum. Please call ahead or email us to verify that the galleries will be available on the day you plan to visit and to confirm your planned arrival time (605-688-5423 | SDSU Art Museum). Also, please note these guidelines adapted from the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

  1. Copyists must bring all their own materials and use drop cloths to protect the floor in their work areas. Easels must be placed at least four feet from all works of art. Museum staff may determine that copyists are not positioned appropriately and request that they temporarily stop work to adjust their position accordingly.
  2. Copyists must not obscure an artwork from other museum guests' view.
  3. Work, easels or any other equipment or materials must never be left unattended in the galleries.
  4. Artists must arrange for outside disposal of chemical waste; disposal in museum sinks is not permitted. Brushes and equipment may not be cleaned on museum premises.

We look forward to welcoming you to the South Dakota Art Museum!