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Marghab Linens

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The museum has the largest, most comprehensive collection of Marghab Linens in the world. This collection is one of the founding collections of the museum. The linens were produced on the island of Madeira from 1932-1978 by native embroidresses employed by Marghab Ltd. South Dakota native Vera Way Marghab and her husband, Emile, established the company in 1932. After his death in 1947, Vera continued to supervise the linen design and operation of the company for nearly 30 years. The linen collection serves to illustrate the creative and determined spirit of the South Dakota people.

A newly refreshed permanent exhibit with all new selections of Marghab Lines opened on Sept. 7, 2019.


"Absolutely eye popping!"

"Wow! Impressed to find out the story behind this display! I appreciate it more now."

"My grandma would love this!"

"So, so beautiful! It's incredible what talents people have!"

"So beautiful and carefully made."

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The collection was given to the museum by Vera Way Marghab in 1970 with subsequent additions to the collection over the next 26 years.