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Students discussing artwork during a field trip at the South Dakota Art Museum

Field Trips

The South Dakota Art Museum offers many opportunities for teachers and students to learn about art, history, culture and much more. We can tailor experiences to align with content standards from all major educational subjects.

We offer free field trips (and virtual field trips coming soon) and we continue to look for ways to make teaching and integrating art enjoyable. There are three different kinds of field trip opportunities:

  1. Museum tour (30 minutes). This tour is great for teachers who want their students to see multiple venues at South Dakota State University. A tour guide will briefly show students around the current exhibitions.
  2. Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) Museum Tour (60 minutes). This tour will take a more in-depth approach to looking at art. A trained docent will facilitate a Visual Thinking Strategies conversation, which aims to develop communication skills, aesthetic understanding and a deeper appreciation of art.
  3. VTS Museum Tour and Artmaking (90 minutes). This tour provides everything that has been previously mentioned, while also giving students the opportunity to make art in the lower level of the museum. We offer a variety of arts activities, from painting & drawing to printmaking and collage.

To schedule tours or learn more about our educational opportunities, ​​​​email Abigail Ramsbottom, Education Curator/Coordinator or call 605-688-5423.

South Dakota Arts Council Excursion Grants

The Excursion Program provides matching funds to South Dakota organizations to assist in transportation costs for taking K-12 students and persons with disabilities traveling to the South Dakota Art Museum for field trips. Learn more.


The South Dakota Art Museum is pleased to offer paid opportunities for qualified graduate and undergraduate students. Based on a system of supervised learning, the internships enable students to understand how a museum operates and how to relate this experience to academic and professional goals. Learn more.

South Dakota Art Museum Faculty Scholar

South Dakota Art Museum Scholar Program is designed to enhance scholarship and research opportunities for faculty and facilitate greater utilization of the collection and resources of the Museum for scholarship purposes.