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Ada Caldwell Collection

Ada Caldwell

Artist and professor Ada B. Caldwell played an important role at South Dakota State University. She led the art department from 1899 to 1937 and taught famous illustrator Harvey Dunn. The South Dakota Art Museum houses 36 of Caldwell's works.

Recently, the South Dakota Art Museum received a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services for $22,003 to treat nine of Caldwell's works that need conservation treatment. Read more about the grant.




Caldwell Coloring Project

Caldwell Coloring Project

In 2016, visitors of the museum were given the unique opportunity to "color" one of Ada Caldwell's pieces. Oil crayons were available so visitors could participate in this public art piece. When the piece was complete, it traveled around the SDSU campus and Brookings. The piece was then included in the exhibit, "The Sea and the Land and the Sky: Harvey Dunn and Ada Caldwell" that opened in August 2016. We are thankful for the visitors that aid us in raising awareness for great artists such as Ada Caldwell.