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50 Works for 50 Years: The 1980s

Acquired in the 1980s

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1980 Mark Lazarus Cuttings #32 cast, stained, molded, and cut paper, 1979 1980.04.2. South Dakota Art Museum purchase – Iverson Fund
1981 Robert Aldern Edible Earth watercolor on paper, 1980 1981.01.1. South Dakota Art Museum purchase – Friends Fund
1982 John Glick untitled (bowl) stoneware, n.d. 1982.01.2. Gift of Alice Berry
1983 Diana Tollefson Habitation acrylic on canvas, n.d. 1983.07.  Gift of Mrs. Jack Youngberg
1984 Eugene Buechel Josephine Jumping Eagle in Airoplane photograph, 1928 1984.04.19.  Gift of St. Francis. Mission in Memory of Les Helgeland
1985 Amelia Iron Necklace, Standing Rock Indian Reservation untitled (hymnal cover) tanned deer hide, muslin sinew sewn, fully beaded, c. 1930 1985.01.33. Gift of Rev. and Mrs. Frank M. Thorburn.
1986 Dean Cornwell untitled oil on canvas, 1933 1986.12.02. Gift of Mrs. Marion Kaye.
1987 John Banvard The Castle oil on canvas, n.d. 1987.05. Gift of Joanita Kant Monteith.
1988 Madeline Ritz Abandoned Wisconsin Cheese Factory oil on canvas, n.d. 1988.12. Gift of Mrs. Eleanor Evenson.
1989 Tim Steele Smoke Head sculpture, 1988 1989.06. Gift of the South Dakota Art Museum Guild.

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