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SDSU boasts many research opportunities within the EECS department and throughout the university. Many of our faculty perform exciting research in various areas of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Engineering. Listed below are some of our faculty's interests and recent projects.  To learn more, please contact the respective faculty member.  See the Our People page for contact information.

Electrical Engineering Research Groups

Materials and Device Group


Dr. Qiquan (Quinn) Qiao

Dr. Hyeun Joong Yoon
Dr. Yue Zhou

Precision Ag Image


Precision Agriculture Sensor Probes, Sensor Networks and Systems - PI:  Qiao


Solar Cell Image


Cost Effective Solar Cells - PI:  Qiao


Combined Energy Image



Combined Energy Generation and Storage Devices - PI:  Qiao



Nanoscale System Image


Nanoscale System for Materials and Devices Characterization - PI:  Qiao



Bio-MEMS Image


Bio-Microelectromechanical Systems (Bio-MEMS) - PI:  Yoon


High Energy Storage Image


High Performance Energy Storage - PI: Zhou


Solar Cells Image


Next Generation Batteries - PI:  Qiao



Clean Room


Clean Room Facilities - PI:  Qiao



Power Group


Dr. Reinaldo Tonkoski
Dr. Tim Hansen
Dr. Zhen Ni
Dr. Robert Fourney

Microgrid Image


Microgrid Lab - PI:  Tonkoski
Virtual Inertia Emulation

Power System Markets Image


Power System Markets - PI:  Hansen
Scalable Sustainability-Based Approaches to Electric Power


Intelligent System Research Image


    Intelligent System Research - PI:  Ni



Image Processing Group


Dr. Dennis Helder
Dr. Songxin Tan

Satelite Image


Satellite Image Processing - PI:  Helder
SDSU Image Processing Lab




LIDAR - PI:  Tan


Computer Science Research

WiTraffic Image


WiTraffic - Dr. Myounggyu Won


Applied Image Processing Image


Biomedical and Precision Agriculture - Dr. Sung Shin


Earth Science Data Image


Expanding Earth Science Data Access - Dr. Yi Liu