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For our Students

Thank you for coming to our website. If you are interested in the many areas of electrical engineering or computer science, you have come to the right place. Our students study about and work on exciting projects, which leads to a rewarding career in the fields of study listed below.

Electrical engineers play key roles in solving technical problems in areas including biomedical engineering, communications, computers and digital hardware, electronic materials and sensor devices, image processing, control systems, alternative energy and power systems.

Computer scientists possess the expertise to solve problems in hardware configurations and software applications, computer networking, game programming, information technology and software engineering.

The mission of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science programs is to provide a rigorous, practical education for our students oriented toward problem solving; to conduct world-class research with a regional emphasis; and to provide technical assistance to existing and emerging businesses, industry and government. If this sounds interesting to you, we welcome you to our department. 

Please explore our website for more information on our programs, admissions procedure, financial aid and other topics important to you as a new or future student in EECS.