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EE and CS Graduation Application Process

EE and CS Graduation Application Process

(Last Update Oct. 21, 2014)
The graduate application process should begin the semester before you plan to graduate.

Semester before Graduation

At time of preregistration for your final semester course selection,

  • Complete steps 1-5, leading up to meeting with your academic advisor.
  • Complete steps 6-8, leading up to and including meeting with Dr. Hamer, Assistant Department Head for EECS. Dr. Hamer is responsible for reviewing all undergraduate graduation applications to ensure all courses and course requirements, for both EE and CS students, are met (including transfer credits, course substitutions, etc.).
  • You are directly responsible for completing step 9
  1. Using MyState, perform a program evaluation using DegreeWorks. Using a highlighter, highlight all items that do not show a “c,” which indicates complete. For example, I, P, IP, etc., should be highlighted.
  2. Complete your Plan of Study (POS). The POS for each program can be found on the department website under both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering on the References page.
  3. Compare your POS with the MyState ProgEval, highlighting any discrepancies.
  4. An Exit Exam in your field of study is a requirement of SDSU (see Bulletin-Academic Evaluation Section under Assessment Program). For EE Students, it is the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam, and for Computer Science an online Major Field Test (MFT).
    • EE majors are allowed to take the FE exam during their final semester. In the semester prior to graduation, EE students need to complete the FE exam application process. You will need to bring proof of signing for the FE Exam to Dr. Hamer.
    • CS students are able to take the MFT either of their last two semesters, with signup in the front office.
  5. Meet with your Advisor to go over all materials (ProgEval, POS, GradApp) as well as to select classes for your final semester. Try to resolve any outstanding issues. Make sure that the catalog year on the ProgEval is the same as shown on the POS. Have your advisor sign the GradApp.
  6. Once the above items are completed, make an appointment with Dr. Hamer to review all the materials (including proof that you signed up for the FE for EE students) prior to the end of the same semester (you should make this appointment well before finals week). Be sure to send Dr. Hamer a soft copy of your POS before you meet.
  7. For your meeting with Dr. Hamer, bring hardcopy of the following:
    • The ProgEval (highlighted, and with catalog year matching that of your POS)
    • The POS (completed, yellow-highlighted blanks where grades are yet to be recorded)
    • Proof of signing up for the FE Exam (for EE students)
  8. When these steps are complete, Dr. Hamer will make a request (either directly or through your advisor) to remove the hold on your preregistration.
  9. On your MyState account, complete the Graduation Application. A graduation application is needed for each program. Make sure you list any minors or specialties.

Semester of Graduation

During your semester of graduation

  • Complete step 1, which is concerned with the Graduation Ceremony and the Order of the Engineer process (administered by the College of Engineering and the University).
  • Complete step 2, which is concerned with the Exit Interview (administered by the EECS Department).

The College and University Process

Graduation Ceremony Process

Fall Semester Graduates

The College of Engineering holds a fall graduation ceremony (the University conducts only the spring graduation ceremony).  

  • On about October 1, an email will be sent from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department to your Jacks account about the:
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Graduation Apparel
    • Luncheon
    • Order of Engineer (only applicable to students receiving the BSEE degree)
  • On about November 15, 2014, the Records and Registration Office will send information to your Jacks email. This email will be to those who have completed the online graduation application.
Spring Semester Graduates

The University holds a spring graduation ceremony

  • On about January 20, 2014 an email will be sent from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department to your Jacks account about the:
    • Luncheon
    • Order of Engineer (only applicable to students receiving the BSEE degree)
  • The Records and Registration Office will send graduation information to your Jack’s email account about 6 weeks before the end of the spring semester. Candidates who have completed the online graduation application will get this email. Some items that will be in the email are:
    • Sign up to participate in the graduation processional.
    • When to be at the Frost Arena to lineup.
    • Seating at the Frost Arena.
    • Where your diploma is to be sent.

Department Exit Interviews

These interviews are required of each student and are conducted 2-3 weeks prior to graduation. The student must: