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CPSS Scholarships

Center for Power Systems Studies General Scholarships and Stipends

The CPSS Scholarships are made available through the support of CPSS member and associate member companies. The intended recipients are those EE, ME and CE students interested in the power and energy engineering areas. 

Applications are accepted at anytime of the year using your MyState account. There is a single on-line application for all scholarships, which is typically submitted in the early part of the spring semester. Most awards are made at the same time that open EE and open COE scholarships are awarded (i.e., during the spring semester). 

If funds are still available, applications are reviewed throughout the year and additional awards can be made at any time. Therefore, you are encouraged to contact the CPSS coordinator to determine if funds are still available and always alert the coordinator if you are interested in the CPSS and have submitted an on-line application. For information, contact Dr. Steven Hietpas, Professor and Coordinator of the CPSS.

Approximately $12,000 in scholarships are awarded each year. Of this amount, $8,000 is distributed as "CPSS General Scholarships" in varying amounts. The number of scholarships available and their frequency of offering can vary from year to year. The Center for Power Systems Studies makes every attempt to provide accurate information on available scholarships and is not responsible for changes which may occur in the availability of scholarships and stipends.

The largest scholarship is the "CPSS Scholarship" for $4,000 and is awarded to a senior electrical engineering student. There is an additional set of funds set aside in the form of a stipend to help offset costs for students involved in power-related field trips.

The CPSS Scholarship - $4,000

The recipient must be a senior student in electrical engineering who:

  • has shown a significant interest in the power-energy area, typically demonstrated by past and present cooperative/internship employment in the power industry or related areas
  • has established and clearly communicated to the CPSS coordinator their career goals
  • has actively participated in the IEEE, held qualified leadership positions
  • and has a proven track record in extracurricular and community activities

CPSS General Academic Scholarship - Five to Ten in the Range $250-$2,000

The recipient must meet a minimum of three of the criteria below:

  • Be enrolled as a student in civil, mechanical or electrical engineering.
  • May be an incoming freshmen all the way up to an incoming senior.
  • Has clearly shown an interest in the power area.
  • Has held a cooperative/internship position in the power industry.
  • Has established and clearly communicated their career goals.
  • Has participated in extracurricular and community activities.
  • Has participated in a student engineering club.


Additional funds made available to students participating in power-related activities.

Day Field Trip Stipends - $50-$150

These stipends are for students attending general Power System-Related Field Trips. The amount of the stipend depends on the number of students taking the field trip.

EE 438 Stipends - Ten in the range of $250-$350

These stipends are made available to students enrolled in the EE 438 Northcentral States Power Technology Tour course. The amount of the stipend depends on the number of students enrolled in the course. Typically these funds are used to offset expenses incurred when traveling on this week-long field trip.