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Center for Power Systems Studies

The Center for Power Systems Studies (CPSS) was established and approved in 1968 as a center by the South Dakota Board of Regents.

"CPSS 50th Anniversary Logo"

It is a partnership with the Regional Power Industry and is dedicated to the promotion of teaching students through direct involvement with industry. The Center is also dedicated to providing educational opportunities to engineers in the power community. The Center offers scholarships, power technology-oriented tours, power seminars, brings to campus guest speakers and coordinates regional conferences and workshops. Through active participation by its members, the CPSS provides students numerous opportunities by offering three and nine month internship positions. CPSS is not only for EE's, but is an excellent resource for Mechanical and Civil Engineers who may be interested in the power generation, transmission and distribution fields.

For more information on the CPSS, contact the Center's Coordinator, Dr. Steven Hietpas, at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, or by phone at 605-688-4526.

Member Organizations

CPSS Member Organizations
CPSS Member Organizations

CPSS Member Organizations