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Robotics Club


The purpose of the South Dakota State University Robotics Club is to provide every student with the opportunity to gain experience and work with projects in the field of robotics. Members will be provided with opportunities to work on various robotics projects for both competitions and/or strictly for enjoyment. The Robotics Club will provide a friendly, fun, team-oriented, and welcoming environment.


President: Ben Diersen

2019 Robotics Club Members
2019 SDSU Robotics Club

Vice President of Communications: Sam Goulet                                               

Vice President of Finance: Emma Gruver

Student Engagement Officer: Andrew Worley

Facilities Officer: Kade Griesse       

Advisers: Mr. Jason Sternhagen, Dr. Kim Nguyen


Nasa Lunabotics 2020 competition located at Kennedy Space Center 

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Rabbit Raisers

Meeting Times

The SDSU Robotics Club meets every Monday (when classes are held) at 7 p.m.