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Future Goals of the CPSS


  • Provide information to regional High School counselors relating to electrical engineering as a career and the study of power systems as an educational path.
  • Seek out high school students with a basic interest in the sciences and encourage them to consider electrical engineering and power systems.
  • Facilitate the placement of scholarships where possible with incoming students and existing students as a way to encourage their choice of study path to include power systems.


  • Purchase hardware necessary to perform basic research into technologies and problems of interest to the members of the CPSS. Direct student interns to support this research and provide reports and technology transfer information to the members of the CPSS.
  • Provide training sessions for CPSS member organizations or combinations of organizations at their sites on topics of importance to their organizations.
  • Subscribe to all applicable industry publications. Encourage students to review these publications and establish a research "clipping" service to make other faculty, students and industry representatives aware of industry "news."
  • Lead and direct student interns to perform literature search research on various topics of importance to members of the CPSS. Then disseminate that information to the constituent members.
  • Purchase hardware necessary and the ongoing access to the Internet needed and subscriptions to industry information to the member of the CPSS.


  • Ensure that the Coordinator of the CPSS is trained in the basic technologies needed to support the CPSS.
  • For those technologies and methodologies where the Coordinator is deficient, seek support from other faculty to complete the established goals of the CPSS.

Industry Funding

  • Actively solicit industry support for academic scholarships in the power systems field.
  • Actively solicit industry funding for program funding necessary to fulfill the CPSS mission.

Industry Placement     

  • Actively solicit CPSS member organizations to place students in summer employment situations.
  • Actively solicit CPSS member organizations to place other faculty in summer employment situations.