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For Our Parents

For the students and their parents who are considering SDSU, welcome to our website. Much can be learned about an institution by knowing its educational objectives. These objectives can tell students if the institution is a good fit. Here is what SDSU and our department set out to do.


The educational objective of SDSU is primarily to guide each student in attainment of intellectual and professional competence, growth of personal development, cultivation of a sense of social and civic responsibility and achievement of satisfactory human relationships. Ideally, upon graduation, SDSU students will have attained intellectual autonomy with capabilities to think, read, speak and write effectively, both within their practiced disciplines and beyond. As individuals on their jobs and as people collectively charged with the responsibility of nurturing a humane, rational and free republic, our graduates should demonstrate an abiding belief in the value of learning. Graduates should possess both historic and aesthetic perspectives and act in accordance with high ethical and spiritual codes of behavior, even in the face of adversity. Above all, graduates should seek to foster understanding and harmony among their fellow citizens of this diverse nation and world.

Electrical Engineering / Computer Science

The mission of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science programs is to provide a rigorous, practical education for our students oriented toward problem solving; to conduct world-class research with a regional emphasis; and to provide technical assistance to existing and emerging businesses, industry and government.

When you look at the objectives of SDSU and the mission of our EECS department, we think you will find a learning environment that is dedicated to sound, well-rounded, professional principles. To fully appreciate what SDSU and the EECS department have to offer, look online at the available information. Call our department and ask your questions. Better yet, schedule a visit. See first-hand what excellent facilities and knowledgeable faculty your son or daughter has waiting upon enrollment.