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Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

Important instructions on taking the FE Exam

As a part of the outcomes assessment process required for accreditation of our Electrical Engineering program, our department requires graduating seniors to take the nationally-administered Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.  Students usually take the exam during their final semester at SDSU.

Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam is the first step in the process of becoming a licensed engineer.  Completing this first step opens the door to many future career paths.

To sign up for the FE Exam, follow these steps:

(1) Apply for approval to take the FE Exam through the South Dakota Board of Technical Professions. The sooner you complete this step, the more choices you will have for exam dates/times. Register (leave sections blank that do not apply to you)

Create a log-in and complete the online application for approval to register for the FE exam.

(2) Register for the FE Exam with NCEES.  After submitting your initial application to the SD Board of Technical Professions through the website above, you will receive further instructions indicating that you have been approved to register with the NCEES for the exam. You will then go to the NCEES web site to sign up for an exam time.


Registration is open year-round.

It’s important to complete the steps in order

Apply to the South Dakota Board first. Then, upon approval, go to the NCEES site to register for the exam. You will need to create a MyNCEES account through the link provided on the website. General information about the FE exam is available at the NCEES.

Information on how to download a reference manual and how to obtain other study aids (optional) is provided on the NCEES website.

Electrical Engineering faculty will hold review sessions on the EE subjects during the spring semester. These sessions are organized by members of the HKN. Additionally, there will be general help sessions held during the spring semester by COE faculty, which is organized by the Tau Beta Pi honors group.

There will be multiple windows of time when you can schedule an appointment to take the exam. Most students will find the Testing Center on the SDSU Campus or the Pearson Professional Center in Sioux Falls to be the most convenient places to take the exam. However, other sites are available that may be closer to your home town. The NCEES website has a link to locations where the exam is available.

Please contact your advisor if you have any questions.