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Mission of the CPSS

The mission of the Center for Power Systems Studies (CPSS) shall be to facilitate the interaction of Industry, Students and Faculty through a process that benefits electrical service providers and contributes to continued economic development. This mission includes the following five parts: 


Encourage the recruitment of students to study power engineering in order to provide a supply of trained engineers to serve business and foster continued economic development.


Encourage power system research in order to develop and transfer technology to business and industry for economic development purposes.


Encourage the preparation of qualified faculty in order to support the training of students and lead the research efforts needed to meet our objectives.

Industry Funding

Encourage the solicitation of industry support for program funding and scholarships in order to fulfill the Center's mission and encourage and support students seeking training.

Industry Placement

Encourage Industry to hire students and provide summer training opportunities for both students and faculty in order to provide economic development in South Dakota.