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TEAMS National Competition

TEAMS (Tests of engineering aptitude, mathematics and science) is a one-day national competition that gives high-school and middle-school students an opportunity to discover engineering and apply knowledge. Students work together to solve real-world engineering problems applying their math and science skills.

  • Exciting, theme-based academic competition.
  • Real-world applications of math and science.
  • A two part competition, including multiple choice and short answer essay questions.
  • High school and middle-school competitions.
  • Each team may consist of two to four students.
  • Multiple teams from one school allowed.
  • Potential to advance to national competition.


  • All registration and information for the competition is handled through the TEAMS.
  • The theme for 2024 is "Engineering Another World." Additional competition theme information.
  • Jerome J Lohr College of Engineering will be hosting competition on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024.


  • Essay – Each team researches and writes an in-depth essay which is submitted electronically prior to their competition date.
  • Multiple Choice – Teams solve multiple choice questions focused on engineering scenarios related to the annual competition theme.
  • Design/Build – Using designated materials, teams complete a hands-on design challenge related to the annual competition theme. A materials list is posted in the TEAMS Coach online account. All team members participate in the Design/Build.


  • High school level (9/10 and 11/12):
    • Part 1: 80 multiple-choice questions (90 minutes)
    • Part 2: Hands-on component (75 minutes)
  • Middle school:
    • Part 1: 40 multiple-choice questions (60 minutes)
    • Part 2: Hands-on component (75 minutes)

Scenario topics:

  • Geothermal Energy
  • Water Treatment*
  • Smart Cars*
  • Biomimetic Fluid Dynamics
  • Self-Contained Ecosystems*
  • Home Energy Use*
  • Subways and Solar Power
  • Global Climate Change

(* Middle school scenario topics are identified above with an ‘*’.)
Summary scenarios which are shortened descriptions of the competition scenarios are available in the online TEAMS coach resources after registration is complete.
For questions about the SDSU TEAMS event, contact Jennifer Bickett.