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Companies Registered for the Career Fair

Career Fair - Fall 2020

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Companies Registered for the Career Fair
Hiring for:   Full-time (FT); Part-time (PT); or Internship (I);  Co-op  (C)

Companies Interviewing the following Day  (***)

Alpha Listing Here:

Career Fair Companies
Company NameCityStateWhat type of engineers are you looking for?Hiring For
Daktronics, IncBrookingsSDCE; CM; CS; EE; EET;  MATH;  ME;  OMFT;  PT; I
Barnard Construction  ***BozemanMTCE;  CMFT;  I
Brosz EngineeringSioux FallsSDABE;  CE;  CMFT;  I
Sencore, Inc.Sioux FallsSDCS;  EE;  EETI
Hawkins ConstructionOmahaNECE;  CMFT;  I
SDSU Air Force ROTCBrookingsSDAll majorsFT
Vermeer CorporationPellaIAABE;  EE;  MEFT;  I
BX Civil & ConstructionDell RapidsSDCE;   CMI
Vantage Point SolutionsMitchellSDEE; OMFT;  PT; I
Wanzek ConstructionFargoNDCE; CM;  EE;  MEFT;  I
3MBrookingsSDEE;  EET;  MEFT;  I
CCL LabelSioux FallsSDEE;  EET;  ME;  OMFT;  I
Vishay IntertechnologyYanktonSDCS;  EE;  EET;  ME:  OMFT;  I
Willmar ElectricWillmarMNCM;  EEFT;  I
Power/mation ***St PaulMNEE;  EET;  MEFT;  I
Lloyd CompaniesSioux FallsSDCMFT
Meyer ContractingMaple GroveMNCE;  CMFT;  PT;  I
Malloy ElectricSioux FallsSDEE;  EET;  MATH;  MEFT;  PT;  I
Empirical FoodsNorth Sioux CitySDCS;  EE;  EET;  ME;  OMFT;  I
SPN/Helms and AssociatesMitchellSDCE;  CMFT;  PT;  I 
Infrastructure Design Group, Inc.Sioux FallsSDCEFT;  PT;  I
DGR EngineeringRock RapidsIAABE;  CE;  CM;  EE;  ME;  OMFT;  I
USD -  School of LawVermillionSDAll majorsFT;  I
Dethmers ManufacturingBoydenIAME;  OMI
Puetz Design + BuildMitchellSDCMI
Wurth ElectronicsWatertownSDEE;  EET;  MEI
PrinscoWillmarMNABE;  CEFT;  I
Duininck, Inc.PrinsburgMNCMFT;  I
Valley Queen Cheese Factory, Inc.MilbankSDABE;  CS;  MEI
Emanuelson-PodasEdinaMNEE;  MEFT
Complete Concrete Inc. dba Complete Contracting SolutionsRapid CitySDCMFT
InterstatesSioux CenterIACS;  EEFT;  PT;  I
FIMCO Industries ***North Sioux CitySDABE;  ME;  OMFT;  I
VAA, LLCSioux FallsSDCE;  EE;  MEFT;  PT;  I
Superior Industries/Westmor IndustriesMorrisMNABE;  CE;  CM;  EE;  MEI
SpartronicsWatertownSDEE;  EET;  MEI
Indian Health ServicesPierreSDCE;  MEFT
Query.AIBrookingsSDCSFT;  PT;  I
Northern Natural Gas ***OmahaNECE;  EE;  MEI