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2023 ASEE North Midwest Section Conference

Conference Theme: Industry-Partnered Education for Workforce Development and Career Readiness

Dates: Oct. 4-6, 2023

Location: South Dakota State University, Brookings campus

The ASEE North Midwest Conference is dedicated to all disciplines of engineering and engineering technology education with the main focus on close industry connections to prepare well-rounded professionals and leaders in STEM.

The conference features:

  • Keynote Speaker and an industry panel to discuss contemporary workforce needs.
  • Zoom session with NSF program officers to discuss funding priorities and programs for engineering education.
  • Various opportunities to share the STEM education initiatives and accomplishments.

Diverse venues to showcase participants' work include:

  • Paper publications and presentations.
  • Poster session.
  • Workshops.
  • Teaching case studies.
  • Demonstrations of pedagogical approaches.

Join us for the pre-conference industry tours, including the one-of-a-kind Davis Dairy Plant and the new Raven Precision Agriculture Center on SDSU campus. Celebrate engineering education at the Joint ASEE North Midwest Section Business Meeting and Banquet!

Conference details

The 2023 ASEE North Midwest Annual Meeting’s theme is Industry-Partnered Education for Workforce Development and Career Readiness. Potential participants are invited to submit paper, workshop or poster proposals relevant to the theme in wide range of perspectives:

  • Discipline specific teaching and learning.
  • K-12 education and outreach.
  • NSF funded education projects (REU, RET, S-STEM, PFE).
  • Interdisciplinary education.
  • Experiential learning.
  • Assessment.
  • Study abroad.
  • Diversity and inclusion.
  • Sustainability.
  • Engineering leadership.
  • Professional development.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Graduate education.
  • Share a teaching method or project or activity.
  • Other topics.

Submission guidelines:

Proposals should have a working title and not exceed 200 words in length. Please use the terms; Work In Progress, Workshop, Poster or Presentation in your title to aid the reviewers in evaluating your submission. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2023. Proposals should be sent to Suzette Burckhard with a subject line of “ASEE North Midwest Conference proposal.” Notifications regarding proposals will be made by June 8 with instructions sent to authors. Draft Papers are due July 20.  


  • Paper proposal due May 31.
  • Decision to authors June 8.
  • Draft papers due July 20.
  • Comments to authors Aug. 11.
  • Revised papers due Aug. 18.
  • Comments to authors Sept. 1.
  • Final papers due Sept. 15.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

Thursday, Oct. 5

Friday, Oct. 6


12:15 p.m.


7 a.m.



Coffee and Muffins


Coffee and Muffins


7:15 a.m.


7:30 a.m.


7:45 a.m.


8 a.m.


Welcome from SDSU President, Provost and Dean of Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering


Industry Keynote Speaker


8:15 a.m.


8:30 a.m.


Plenary: Doug Tougaw, ASEE President-Elect, Zoom Presentation


8:45 a.m.


9 a.m.




Technical Sessions



Industry Panel


9:15 a.m.


9:30 a.m.


9:45 a.m.


10 a.m.


10:15 a.m.


10:30 a.m.




Technical Sessions



Technical Sessions


10:45 a.m.


11 a.m.


11:15 a.m.


11:30 a.m.


11:45 a.m.


12 p.m.





Lunch. NSF Zoom Panel

Closing Remarks


12:30 p.m.


12:45 p.m.


1 p.m.



Local Industry Tours: Daktronics and SDSU Davis Dairy Plant


1:15 p.m.


1:30 p.m.


1:45 p.m.



Technical Sessions


2 p.m.


2:15 p.m.


2:30 p.m.


2:45 p.m.


3 p.m.


3:15 p.m.



SDSU Raven Precision Agriculture Center Tour



Workshops, Teaching Case Studies and Favorite Class Activities


3:30 p.m.


3:45 p.m.


4 p.m.


4:15 p.m.


4:30 p.m.


4:45 p.m.


5 p.m.



Poster Presentations


5:15 p.m.


5:30 p.m.


5:45 p.m.


6 p.m.





ASEE North Midwest Section Business Meeting and Banquet


6:15 p.m.


6:30 p.m.


6:45 p.m.


7 p.m.


7:15 p.m.


7:30 p.m.


8 p.m.


Download printable PDF of the program

Attendees can register June 1 through Sept. 15, 2023. 

Conference registration fee is $150.00.

Registration Form

Hotel Accommodations

Room blocks have been placed with the following locations. When reserving a room be sure to refer to ASEE North Midwest Conference to ensure your discount is applied

  • Brookings Inn -
    • Rate: $75.00/night.
    • Reservation Deadline: Aug. 31.
    • Contact information: 605-692-9471.
    • Address: 2500 East 6th St., Brookings, SD 57006.
  • Super 8 Wyndham
    • Rate: $80.00/ night
    • Reservation Deadline: Aug. 31
    • Contact information: 605-692-6920
    • Address: 3034 LeFevre Dr., Brookings, SD 57006

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