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Engineering Research

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering faculty conduct research that contributes to the understanding of the physical principles of matter and energy in an effort to improve the quality of life. Their work and scholarly activity includes research projects, publications and awards.

Research in the college ranges from basic needs for clean water to satellite image calibration and analysis that enable the study of global change factors that influence our water supply; from structures on the nano-scale that convert sunlight to electricity to structures on the macro-scale that allow us to build safe bridges. In addition to COE research faculty, research opportunities involve undergraduates, graduate and postdoctoral researchers. 

photo collage from prior Research Review publications
These images can be found in Research Reviews from 2013-2016

Vision, Mission, Strategies and Goals


Engineering faculty will conduct world-class research that is responsive to the needs of our state and nation.


To grow high-quality and responsive externally funded research by the College of Engineering faculty.

Strategies and Goals

Coordinate focused research that builds on current resources and moves in the direction appropriate for continued growth.

Identify research priorities and resources
  • Interface closely with SDSU VP of Research
  • Establish and use Engineering Research Council
Represent the college to external research agencies and labs
  • Attend annual ASEE research colloquium
  • Identify and build relationships with key personnel at relevant federal funding agencies and research laboratories
  • Generate annual report

Support faculty in developing competitive proposals for external funding

Administer pre-award services
  • Process routing forms
  • Review proposals
  • Help develop budgets
Provide faculty with relevant resources
  • Offer training & grants development workshops
  • Distribute seed grants
  • Maintain informative website
Recognize exceptional faculty research accomplishments
  • Track research performance
  • Assist COE Dean in annual selection of Researcher of the Year
  • Publicize achievements on website and in annual report

Contact Information

Engineering Research News

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Tonkoski and Hansen with solar panels in background

Data-driven model helps orchestrate traditional, renewable energy

Two SDSU power systems researchers are developing statistical models that will help orchestrate the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid.

SDSU engineers use satellite images to protect national security

A new project at the SDSU Image Processing Laboratory will help intelligence agencies use images from remote-sensing satellites to protect national security.

SDSU professor improves COVID-19 prevention spray protocol

A trip to see family in India gave assistant professor Saikat Basu an opportunity to improve delivery of an antiseptic nasal spray to help reduce risk of COVID-19.