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STEM Partnership

The STEM Partnership is a true partnership between the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering and area employers who are interested in participating in growing the number of young people who are well prepared for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These camps, competitions and activities: 

Stand tunnel
  • Provide an affordable and effective way for young people to explore a career in STEM
  • Engage/involve teachers and parents
  • Emphasize hands-on activities and the experience of student life on a top science and engineering campus
  • Inform students how to use their remaining time in high school to be academically prepared for a rigorous STEM major in college
  • Introduce students to the college search process and scholarship opportunities
  • Give them a chance to meet and work with college students, faculty and industry professionals

The college conducts camps and workshops throughout the year to provide K-12 students the means to explore how an interest in STEM can translate into a college major—and subsequently a challenging and financially rewarding career.  


The purpose of the STEM Partnership is to grow the number of young people who are well prepared for careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics by partnering with area businesses.

Partnership Goals

  1. Offer effective K-12 outreach programs that inform and excite young people about STEM and academic programs in our college that prepare them for professional careers in STEM.
  2. Help inform K-12 students, teachers and parents about high school academic preparation for a STEM degree in college.
  3. Meet the current and future STEM workforce needs of our employer stakeholders.

If interested in participating, contact or Tom Becker with the South Dakota State University Foundation.

Outreach Programs: In 2022/2023, SDSU's Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering outreach programs had the following reach: 7 outreach programs, 1573 students participated in our outreach programs, 111 schools, 9 states + 2 countries.