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Scholarship Application Tutorial for Incoming Students

Scholarship Application Tutorial

1. Sign in to MyState

  • If you are signing in for the first time then your username and password is as follows: MyState First Time Login
  • If you’ve never logged in before, your default password is your 7-digit student ID number with a ‘$’ in front of it. ($1234567)
Welcome to My State

2. Now that you are signed in, click on the ‘Money’ tab shown here.

  • You will then be directed to a page regarding all ‘Money’ topics you may run into at South Dakota State University.
Welcome to My State

3. Find the ‘Scholarship Application’ posting and click on the Freshman Student Scholarship Application.

View Scholarship Applications

4. Scroll down until you find the ‘Academic Scholarships’ heading.

  • Underneath will be four options. Click on the ‘Freshman Scholarship Application’ link where you will then be directed to a PDF of the application.
    • If you download the PDF and edit it on your computer and save it, please keep in mind that the information typed in this PDF will not save.
    • It is recommended that you convert to a word document (many free converters can be found online) and then make your edits.
    • Once you have completed, the document should be converted back into a PDF or if you are printing the application, it is okay to print as a word document.
Academic Scholarships

Visual Guide and Tips

Visual Guide

Carefully read through each step. Priority Date is a recommended date, even if you exceed this date you should still apply. The priority process goes in order of the date applications were submitted. You should still apply because there may be funds still available by some scholarships.

Ask your guidance counselor or a faculty member for assistance on sending your ACT or SAT scores to the school. If you cannot find somebody to help you, please contact the SDSU admissions office at 800-952-3541.

Request someone at your school whom you feel knows you very well. If you feel no members of your school know you very well, find somebody who is not related to you and request that they write the letter. State in your application the reason you chose this person to write your recommendation letter.

When filling in Academic Honors, Performing Arts, Athletics, Organizations/Clubs and Community Involvement, try to fill out as much as you can and with every activity you did throughout your high school career to the best of your knowledge. The admission office is understanding if dates are not completely accurate. If you think an activity is insignificant you should still use it since it shows how involved you were with your school and community. Under your Personal Statement, it is best to treat this as an opportunity for the SDSU scholarship to get to know you and why you should be granted scholarships. Remember that it is okay to add additional pages but it should be within 1 ½ pages long.