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Distinguished Engineer Honorees

SDSU Distinguished Engineer “Wall of Fame” Recipients of the Distinguished Engineer Award are honored at the annual College of Engineering Banquet, where an award plaque is presented.

The Distinguished Engineer Award was first awarded by the SDSU College of Engineering on February 26, 1976, under the direction of Dean Junis O. Storry. The purpose of the Distinguished Engineer Award is to recognize and honor those who have demonstrated eminent achievements in a field of engineering. Outstanding achievement in other fields is also given consideration, provided the nominee is an SDSU engineering graduate. Selection procedures were developed and implemented and the first awards were presented to 22 SDSU alumni of the College of Engineering in 1977. Since its inception, the coveted award has been presented to more than 125 Distinguished Engineers.

Reece KurtenbachDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Troy MeinkDistinguished Engineer Lemmon, SD
Gregg StedronskyDistinguished Engineer Wagner, SD
Dr. Niaz Latif Distinguished Engineer Bangladesh
Larry E. BellDistinguished Engineer Doland, SD
Delvin E. DeBoerDistinguished Engineer Milbank, SD
Jane McKee SmithDistinguished Engineer Rapid City, SD
Calvin VaudreyDistinguished Engineer Glendo, Wyoming
Donald L. VealDistinguished Engineer Chance, SD
Richard F. SayreDistinguished Engineer Madison, SD
Lynn G. SeppalaDistinguished Engineer Watertown, SD
Gordon D. NivaDistinguished Engineer Aberdeen, SD
Gerald C BlazeyDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Curtis BrudosDistinguished Engineer Lake City, SD
Dale JansDistinguished Engineer White River, SD
Beth M KasparDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Richard C. GustafDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Wallace J. HoffDistinguished Engineer Ramona, SD
Robert J. PurcellDistinguished Engineer Watertown, SD
Richard O. HeggDistinguished Engineer Bruce, SD
Francis KubDistinguished Engineer Ipswich, SD
Jeffrey L. NelsonDistinguished Engineer Marion, SD
Ramon Menon UnnikrishnanDistinguished Engineer Cochin, India
John G. KappenmanDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Kenton R. KaufmanDistinguished Engineer Mitchell, SD
Wanda K. RederDistinguished Engineer Nisland, SD
Ronald W. MielkeDistinguished Engineer Groton, SD
Edward L. CannonDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Albert “Bill” BillmanDistinguished Engineer Hanson County, SD
James MenteleDistinguished Engineer Spencer, SD
Loren B. WagenaarDistinguished Engineer Volga, SD
Kathryn A. WalkerDistinguished Engineer Aurora, SD
Jerome J. GasparDistinguished Engineer Bridgewater, SD
Arlo B. DeKraaiDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
David E. ChristiansonDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Jim MorganDistinguished Engineer Ellsworth, SD
Dennis MickoDistinguished Engineer Claremont, SD
Marwan HassounDistinguished Engineer Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Thomas WeaverDistinguished Engineer Brewster, MN
John MaddenDistinguished Engineer Mound City, SD
Alyn HoltDistinguished Engineer Clear Lake, SD
A. J. Van DierendonckDistinguished Engineer Larchwood, IA
Roger M. LarsonDistinguished Engineer Boyd, MN
Leon B. EllweinDistinguished Engineer Roscoe, SD
Virgil G. EllerbruchDistinguished Engineer Lander, WY
Robert G. DutcherDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
John C. “Jack” MarshmanDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Charles A. OnstadDistinguished Engineer Spring Grove, MN
Harold HohbachDistinguished Engineer Plankinton, SD
Donald J. EdwardsDistinguished Engineer Tracy, MN
Ronald D. SchmidtDistinguished Engineer Pipestone, SD
Duane SanderDistinguished Engineer Howard, SD
Merlyn IsaakDistinguished Engineer Parkston, SD
Harlow J. MinerDistinguished Engineer Gregory, SD
Bruce L. MillerDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Paul G. CummingsDistinguished Engineer Wessington, SD
Jerome J. LohrDistinguished Engineer Raymond, SD
Dennis R. LittleDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Richard R. BellDistinguished Engineer Hecla, SD
Richard A. BerrethDistinguished Engineer Veblen, SD
Dale A. BucksDistinguished Engineer Doland, SD
Neil R. PattersonDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Frank R. KnutsonDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Wayne KnabachDistinguished Engineer Harrisburg, SD
Delvin D. EberleinDistinguished Engineer Volga, SD
John L. WiersmaDistinguished Engineer Volga, SD
Jerald A. TunheimDistinguished Engineer Langford, SD
Frederick J. RittershausDistinguished Engineer Freeman, SD
Donald KukukDistinguished Engineer Huron, SD
Robert F. RischDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Georgia JensenEminent Homemaker
Leon D. CrossmanDistinguished Engineer Miller, SD
William G. BorghardDistinguished Engineer Brooklyn, NY
Byron J. AndersonDistinguished Engineer Lake Wilson, MN
Richard B. HayterDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
James N. DornbushDistinguished Engineer Pollock, SD
Aelred J. KurtenbachDistinguished Engineer Dimock, SD
Robert C. OlsonDistinguished Engineer Henry, SD
James A. LarsonDistinguished Engineer Hudson, SD
Emory E. JohnsonDistinguished Engineer Ceresco, NE
Harold H. HallDistinguished Engineer Parker, SD
Russell E. ChristiansenDistinguished Engineer Jefferson, SD
Delbert M. LeppkeDistinguished Engineer Cresbard, SD
Junis O. StorryDistinguished Engineer Astoria, SD
John A. SchmidtDistinguished Engineer Canistota, SD
James L. MannDistinguished Engineer Raymond, SD
Dale C. RymanDistinguished Engineer Aberdeen, SD
Dennis L. MoeDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Hans G. JepsonDistinguished Engineer Spencer, WV
Errol P. EerNisseDistinguished Engineer Rapid City, SD
Leonard F. SwansonDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Albert L. PugsleyDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Charles A. LundquistDistinguished Engineer Webster, SD
Merle L. EsmayDistinguished Engineer Newell, SD
Lawrence R. ThielenDistinguished Engineer Huron, SD
C. Milo ThelinDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Merlyn E. SchlenkerDistinguished Engineer Frederick, SD
Kenneth H. SpiesDistinguished Engineer Valley Springs, SD
Frederick Harold Leinbach, JrDistinguished Engineer Washington, DC
Roland J. JensenDistinguished Engineer Lake Norden, SD
John D. DysonDistinguished Engineer Lemmon, SD
Henry H. DeLongDistinguished Engineer Redfield, SD
James S. BoydDistinguished Engineer Volga, SD
Mark E. BarberDistinguished Engineer Alpena, SD
Robert B. YuleDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Ronald J. LaValleeDistinguished Engineer Lisbon, ND
Donald D. HaselhorstDistinguished Engineer Northville, SD
Jerome A. StorryDistinguished Engineer Astoria, SD
Milo A. DuddenDistinguished Engineer Clear Lake, SD
Ernest L. BuckleyDistinguished Engineer Lemmon, SD
George H. OlesonDistinguished Engineer Lake Andes, SD
Ernest E. MichaelsDistinguished Engineer Watertown, SD
William S. LoweDistinguished Engineer Burlington, KS
John M. HansonDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Richard T. BuesingDistinguished Engineer Lynd, SD
Marvin J. WillrodtDistinguished Engineer Chamberlain, SD
Gene AmdahlDistinguished Engineer Flandreau, SD
Dewey J DeBoerDistinguished Engineer Corsica, SD
Warren D FishDistinguished Engineer Tyndall, SD
Leroy F. HarzaDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Jack W. WildDistinguished Engineer Woonsocket, SD
Donald A. WilliamsDistinguished Engineer Clark, SD
Leonard E. JohnstonDistinguished Engineer Bradley, SD
Stephen F. BriggsDistinguished Engineer Watertown, SD
Lesher S. Wing Distinguished Engineer Arlington, SD
Leonard J. LindeDistinguished Engineer Plaza, ND
David A. Christensen Distinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Melvin L. ManningDistinguished Engineer Miller, SD
Charles L. CoughlinDistinguished Engineer Carthage, SD
Robert D. MitchellDistinguished Engineer Madison, SD
Donald E. CraigDistinguished Engineer Sioux Falls, SD
Calvin C. OlesonDistinguished Engineer Lemmon, SD
Harold M. CrothersDistinguished Engineer Arlington, SD
Wayne H. PetersDistinguished Engineer Humboldt, SD
Everett W. DunnDistinguished Engineer Summit, SD
Harry L. SolbergDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
William H. GambleDistinguished Engineer Wessington, SD
Raymond W. SundstromDistinguished Engineer Beresford, SD
Archie HigdonDistinguished Engineer Spencer, SD
Clifford W. WelshDistinguished Engineer Madison, SD
Robert G. HooverDistinguished Engineer Columbia, SD
Robert A. WilkensDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD
Loys A. JohnsonDistinguished Engineer Brookings, SD