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Becoming a Sponsor

STEM Education is critical to workforce development. To compete in global marketplace, we must have an educated workforce of problem solvers and innovators who are…

  • Self-reliant & enthusiastic
  • Technologically proficient
  • Able to think logically
  • Able to communicate effectively

Strengthening K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is critical to the development of such a workforce. Involvement of all stakeholders is vital…

  • K-12 school systems
  • Colleges and universities
  • Science education organizations
  • Business and industry
  • Government
  • Parents

Key Issues

  • STEM occupations are increasing, but student interest is not!
  • "Boomer" generation retiring in record numbers, leaving critical shortage of qualified workers to replace them!
  • Shortage of workers affects industries trying to expand
  • High school graduates need STEM competencies that are required in the workforce!

BEST Robotics is an Education & Industry Coalition to…

  • Improve students' understanding of STEM
  • Increase interest in STEM with innovative programs that help students develop critical skills needed for high-tech, high-demand occupations
  • Ensure high school graduates are prepared for the rigor of study in engineering, science, and mathematics programs needed in collegiate level academics
  • Promote high-tech, well-paying jobs and ensure that future workforce needs are met by providing unlimited promotional opportunities for companies to work side-by-side with students as team mentors for BEST schools
  • Increase students' access to real world experiences in STEM
  • Provide students with excitement and challenges that real world STEM careers offer


Financial contributions are very important to our program. Corporations, organizations, and individuals wishing to sponsor the program can obtain more information by emailing Dr. Lewis Brown, Dean of Engineering.




Gift Amount




Diamond recognition level plus:

"Sponsored by" status in all advertising for the hub

Company name or logo on event T-Shirts, etc.


$10,000 - $14,999

Platinum recognition level plus:

Company name or logo on event T-Shirts, etc.


$5,000 - $9,999

Gold recognition level plus:

Company-provided banner hung in arena

Appreciation plaque (replaces certificate)


$2,500 - $4,999

Level recognition in game day program and on website

Company-provided ad in game day program

Appreciation certificate


$1,000 - $2,499

Level recognition in game day program and on website

Company-provided ad in game day program


$500 - $999

Level recognition in game day program and on website

BEST Friends


Level recognition in game day program


We also welcome individuals to contribute to the program. Here's how your donation can make a difference.


Your Impact


Lunch for a BEST Student
Most of us spend $10 on lunch without blinking an eye. Why not skip lunch one day and donate that $10 to the education of a future scientist, engineer or mathematician?


A Week's Worth of Lunches
Spending $10 for lunch is not uncommon for many of us. Why not skip lunch this week and donate your lunch money to inspire a student to study engineering, science and technology.


One Student's Participation
The average cost per participating student in the BEST Robotics program is less than $80. Your gift of $80 ensures that one more student can enjoy an incredible hands-on learning opportunity.


One Team's Consumable Kit
Each team receives a kit of consumable raw materials such as plywood, PVC, metals and plastics, miscellaneous hardware and electrical items, etc., which they use to make their robot. This "consumable kit" costs about $250. Your gift enables one team to have the raw materials needed to build their robot.


One Team's Robot Control System
Each team receives a robot control system that provides the basic programming, radio control and motor/servo control for their robot. We reuse these control system kits year after year to keep our costs low. This "returnable kit" costs a hub about $600 per team and is expected to last at least 3 years. Your gift enables one team to have the control system needed to build their robot.


Approximate Cost for One Team's Participation
The average annual cost for a hub to host a BEST contest is about $1000 per participating team. Your donation would provide the money needed for a consumable kit, robot control system, and event materials/printing costs for one team's participation.

For more information about the national organization, visit the BEST Robotics Inc website.

Thank you to our sponsors


Architecture, Inc.    |    Army ROTC    |    Avera    |    Bartlett & West    |    Brookings Economic Development    |    CITI   

Crossfire    |    Daktronics    |     East River Power Coop    |    ESI    |    Falcon Plastics    |    First Bank and Trust

First Premier    |    KPI-JCI    |    Lowes    |    Malloy    |    Michaels Energy    |    Northwestern Energy    |    Omnitech   

OtterTail Power    |    Raven Industries    |    Sanford Health    |    SDN Communications    |    Sparton    |    3M   

Vision Brookings    |    Xcel Energy



Architecture, Inc.    |    Army ROTC    |    Avera    |    CITI    |    Daktronics    |     East River Power Coop    |    ESI   

Falcon Plastics    |    First Bank and Trust    |    First Premier    |    KPI-JCI    |    Lowes    |    Malloy

Northwestern Energy    |    Raven Industries    |    SDN Communications    |    Sideline Productions

Sioux Corporation    |    3M    |    Vision Brookings    |    Xcel Energy



Architecture, Inc.    |    Army ROTC    |    Avera    |    Bartlett-West    |    Brookings Convention Visitors Bureau

Daktronics    |    East River Power Coop   |    ESI    |    First Bank and Trust    |    First Premier    |    Lowes    

MDA_STEM   |    Northwestern Energy    |    Sanford Health    |    Sideline Productions    |    Sioux Corporation

3M   |    Vision Brookings    |    Xcel Energy



Avera    |    Keith Bartels    |    Bartlett-West    |    Brookings Rent All    |    Daktronics    |    East River Power Coop

ESI    |    First Bank and Trust    |    First Premier    |    IBM    |    Northwestern Energy    |    Premier Source

SAIC    |    Sanford Health    |    Greg Stredronsky    |    3M    |    TV Productions    |    TSP    |    Sideline Productions

Vision Brookings    |    Xcel Energy



Avera    |    Brookings Rent All    |    Dakota Tuff Shelter    |    Daktronics    |    First Bank and Trust

First Premier    |    Larson Manufacturing    |    Lowes    |    Northwestern Energy    |    Premier Source

Sparton    |    3M    |    TV Productions    |    Vision Brookings    |    Xcel Energy


Avera    |    Century Link    |    Dakota Tuff Shelter    |    Daktronics    |    First Premier    |    General Mills

Lowes    |    Northwestern Energy    |    Premier Source    |    reCom, Inc.    |    TV Productions

Vision Brookings    |    Wells Fargo    |    Xcel Energy