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Engineering Research Reviews

Engineering Research Reviews from Recent Years

These contain information about present research in the college.

Engineering Research Review cover 2017

Emphasis: New faculty, collaborative research and nonfederal funding


  1. New sensor design more accurately determines blood glucose levels.
  2. Capping material helps alum inactivate phosphorus in lake water.
  3. Statistician develops efficient predictive algorithms.
  4. Timber bridges viable option for county, township roads.
  5. Structural engineers test fully precast concrete bridge for local roads.
  6. Remaining-useful-life algorithms enhance lithium-ion battery management system.
  7. Balancing energy demand can reduce peak power usage.
  8. Engineering researchers win college, university awards.


Research Review 2016

Emphasis: Collaborative partnerships with other disciplines and industries


  1. Plasma processing decreases cost, improves biochar activation.
  2. Satellite calibration crucial to world's scientists.
  3. Worldwide search identifies new calibration sites.
  4. Precision ag group to develop predictive model for white mold in soybeans.
  5. Computer scientists develop software for new tumor imaging technology. 
  6. Decision-making analytics help business developers, customers and data centers. 

Research Review 2015

Emphasis: Junior faculty members increase Jerome J. Lohr college funding.


  1. CFD modeling confirms improved blood flow with new stent design.
  2. Statisticians evaluate probability models for crime scene evidence.
  3. Oscillating heat pipes help cool high-power electronics.
  4. Grid connection method improves double-tee girder performance.
  5. Civil Engineers help formulate recipe for Wisconsin prestressed bridge girders.
  6. Steel byproducts trap phosphorous in agricultural drainage water
  7. Microgrids help data centers use renewable energy, maintain reliability.

Research Review 2014

Emphasis: Groups of investigators collaborate in the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering. 


  1. Bioinformatics help scientists make sense of genomic data.
  2. Maps help public health officials fight malaria, West Nile Virus.
  3. North Dakota-South Dakota engineers develop materials, components for solid state cell phone.
  4. Statisticians uncover major reason behind cancer survivors' choices.
  5. Crash reporting helps reduce fatalities, improve roads on tribal lands.
  6. Operations management expert, Mayo Clinic researcher helps improve health-care delivery for patients with blood poisoning. 
  7. ISEE supports grant development.

Research Review 2013

Emphasis: Finding funding through commercial and municipal funding opportunities


  1. Testing, simulation improve corn dryer efficiency.
  2. Structures lab bridges research gap.
  3. Search for materials applications was successful.
  4. Water research partnership benefits Sioux Falls.
  5. Networking expands image-processing opportunities.
  6. Predictive analysis energizes graduate program.