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Hanson Lab Research

Single Cell Signaling

In order to respond to changes in the surrounding environment cells must respond dynamically to changing conditions.  We use fluorescently-tagged proteins and biosensors to study how signaling networks respond over time in response to cellular stress

Biosensor development

To effectively interrogate how signaling networks function within individual cells we need methods to effectively track and manipulate activation of specific pathways.  We use molecular biology, CRISPR, and optogenetic approaches to develop biosensors and fluorescently-tagged proteins to provide quantitative readouts of biological networks.

Oncogenic Signaling

western blot of oncogenic K-Ras expression

Dysfunction within cellular signaling pathways is a major driver of cancer development.  We focus on the role of dysfunctional stress-response signaling during development of pancreatic cancer in response to key driver mutations.

Impacts of acute and chronic pesticide exposure

dose response curve

Exposure to various agrochemicals represents a major occupational hazard and can have significant impacts on human health.  We study how cells respond dynamically during acute and chronic exposures, the mechanisms regulating these responses, and what impacts this may have on cellular health.