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Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology

BSB Research Excellence Cluster

The Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology (BSB) Research Excellence Cluster consists of a multi-disciplinary research team of scientists and educators with expertise in the fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics and synthetic biology. Biotechnology applies molecular biology, biochemistry and molecular genetics to develop new and enhanced agricultural, environmental, clinical and industrial products. Similarly, synthetic biology uses a multidisciplinary approach (ranging from biology to physics and engineering) to investigate and manipulate organisms. 

Synthetic biology often involves the introduction of new genetic programs (genetic circuits of DNA) into organisms to study natural systems or to produce useful products for industrial or biomedical applications. The BSB team is undertaking cutting-edge research in diverse areas by examining and engineering bacteria, fungi, plants or animals. Students majoring in any field of biology can join our interdisciplinary BSB cluster. Our facilities are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that students enrolled in the Biotechnology program or the BSB cluster can experience first-hand the science, challenges, and opportunities that exist in these areas.