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Olympus IX71 Inverted Microscope

For questions, please contact Dr. Liping Gu, FGCF Manager or FGCF coordinator Dr. Ryan Hanson.

Manufacture's Manuals:

  • Olympus IX71 Inverted Compound Microscope
  • Epi-fluorescence attachments
  • Phase attachments
  • Olympus DP70 Digital Camera

FGCF User Protocols:

Web Resources:

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Electronic Acquisition of Microscopic Images
  • Light Microscopy  (microscope primer)
  • General Concepts
  • Anatomy
  • Phase Contrast
  • Differential Interference Contrast
  • Fluorescence microscopy (concepts)
  • Fluorochrome Concepts from Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer
  • Table of Fluorochromes