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Mammalian Cell and Molecular Biology

Mammalian Cell and Molecular Biology Cluster

We investigate molecular and cellular mechanisms that comprise life. We focus on increasing knowledge towards the understanding of molecular processes underlying cellular function and how disease impairs these processes. Our goals are to determine how cells and tissues respond to signals, avoid and combat pathogens, heal wounds and maintain genome stability – areas that are relevant to health and disease. Our laboratories serve as training grounds for undergraduate and graduate students. We employ a variety of biological systems, models and tools to expose student researchers to broad multidisciplinary training.

This research cluster will be of particular interest to students who are interested in degrees that lead to exciting careers at the forefront of basic and biomedical research, teaching and industry. Students use molecular, genomic and proteomic approaches to reveal how mammalian cells function and adapt to their environments. Students will have opportunities to investigate molecular, cellular and systemic host responses to pathogenic agents in chronic diseases of human and animals important to agriculture.