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Graduate Programs

The M.S. and Ph.D. programs in Biological Sciences are offered with either Biology, Microbiology or Molecular Biology specialization. Dr. Radhey Kaushik, graduate coordinator, can address any questions on the program. Our professors offer a wide range of research topics for thesis and dissertation research in well equipped laboratories supported by core facilities.

The M.S. degree program prepares students for a variety of careers such as teachers, laboratory research assistants, positions with state and federal agencies, and many private industry positions. Some M.S. students choose to pursue a Ph.D. degree after completing their M.S. degree at SDSU. Similar career opportunities also exist for students completing their Ph.D. degree, however, job placement is typically at a higher level. University or college faculty positions generally require a Ph.D. degree.

Normally at least two years are needed to complete the requirements for the M.S. degree and at least four years (without a prior masters degree) for the Ph.D. degree. For some students, particularly those pursuing a career in secondary school teaching, an M.S. program with a non-thesis research option (Plan B) is available. Additional course work and a research paper are required in lieu of the thesis for the Plan B program. A list of undergraduate courses and graduate courses in the Biology - Microbiology Department is available in the Graduate Bulletin. Additional courses may be taken in closely related departments, such as Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, Plant Science, Animal and Range Sciences, Veterinary Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics.