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User Fees for Functional Genomics Core

User Fees

  • Users must supply all supplies and reagents needed during the operation of these instruments
  • To calculate prices for non-university users, add 44.5% to the university price for each instrument.
  • Usage rates calculated per hour unless otherwise indicated. Billing is for actual usage time based on Pharos login down to the minute.
EquipmentLocationCost ($/hr)
ABI 9700 ThermocyclersSNP 047$1.50/run
ABI Veriti Gradient ThermocyclersSNP 047$1.50/run
QuantStudio 6 Flex Real-Time PCR SystemSNP 047$16/run
LI-COR Odyssey ® Fc Imaging SystemSNP 047$13/hr
Bio-Rad ChemiDoc XRS Imaging StationSNP 047$9/hr
BioTek Synergy 2 Multi-detection Microplate ReaderSNP 047$12/hr
Octet R8 Bio-layer InterferometrySNP 047$40/hr
Nandrop ND-2000 SpectrophotometerSNP 047$9/hr
Agilent GCMS 5975 Diffusion SystemSNP 047$21/hr
Beckman OPTIMA 130K Ultracentrifuge with MLS-50, TLA120.2 and MLA-55 rotorsSNP 047$1.80/hr
Olympus BX53 Upright Microscope with cameraSNP 047$8.40/hr
Olympus IX70 Inverted Microscope with cameraSNP 047$8.40/hr
Olympus Fluoview 1200 Confocal MicroscopeSNP 047$21/hr
Olympus SZX16 Epi-Fluorescent Stereo Microscope with cameraSNP 047$8.40/hr
Leica LiaChroic Confocal MicroscopeSAV 313$28/hr

Nikon Ti2 widefield fluorescence microscope

SAV 313

$15/hr; see equipment for long-term imaging rates

Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat with Cryovac and CryoJane SystemsSNP 047No cost: user provides consumables
Olympus CUT 4060E Rotary Microtome with accessory for plastic sectioningSNP 047No cost: user provides consumables

Additional Equipment

The FGCF also offers additional equipment available upon request. This equipment carries no user fee, but the user must supply all associated consumables.

  • Bio-Rad PROTEAN IEF 2D Gel Systems
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • Bio-Rad Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation system
  • Qubit 3 Fluorometer