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Housing Information

SDSU Residential Housing Option

The Department of Residential Life is dedicated to providing a comfortable, safe and well-maintained living environment for all of our students. The halls are all staffed with both enthusiastic professional and student staff who are eager to assist our residents with the college transition. Our Residential Life Team includes: Complex Directors, Residence Hall Directors, Graduate Assistants, Community Assistants, Living-Learning Coordinators and more. 

New International Students who have graduated from Secondary School less than two years prior to their enrollment at SDSU are required to live in university residence halls upon arrival.

To live on campus at SDSU you must submit the appropriate application along with the application fee. Housing and Dining Services information was sent to you with the admissions package. The following information about our Housing and Residential Life are provided for your benefit.

Students can access the online housing form to apply.

Meal Plan Application

Students must complete a separate Meal Plan Application/Form. Students can either mail this to the address listed on the form or turn it in upon arrival.

National research has shown that students who live in residence halls are more likely to be satisfied with their college experience, complete their education, have a higher level of involvement in campus activities and maintain higher GPAs than their off-campus peers. This is largely due to living closely among peers in an educational environment and being near campus resources.

  • Each residence hall houses between 150 and 500 students.
  • Approximately 3,500 students live on-campus.
  • Each resident is provided with internet for unlimited use.
  • All rooms are furnished with lofts, mattresses, desks, chairs, dressers, mirrors and wastebaskets.
  • Internet ports are also provided at no additional cost.
  • All residence halls are equipped with hobo dough/coin-operated laundry facilities, vending machines, mail service and furnished common lounge area.
  • Landline phone jacks are provided in each room. You will need to provide a telephone and arrange for service with Swiftel Communications at 605-692-6211.
  • No Smoking is allowed in the Residence Halls. Smoking is only allowed outside at least 25 feet from all doorways and windows.
  • SDSU is a completely dry campus, which means that alcoholic beverages and empty containers are not allowed anywhere on campus.
  • Most freshmen live in double rooms.
  • Upper-class students have the opportunity to claim single rooms, suites and apartments.
  • A variety of housing options are offered to meet student lifestyles.
  • Residents may choose from a variety of meal plans and different meal locations.
  • Residents have many opportunities to gain leadership skills through their involvement within the Residence Halls. These opportunities include being a CA, or being a member of various Residence Hall Associations (RHA).
  • Residents seeking employment opportunities can work in various aspects of Residential Life. The following positions are available on a continuous basis: working as an Office Assistant, working in maintenance and facility services, working as Hall Mail Staff, working as Hobo Hangout staff and working as a Community Assistant or Senior Community Assistant. 

Other Residential Life Information

Convenience is very valuable for busy college students. Beyond being in an environment where you will develop lasting friendships, living on-campus offers the following conveniences:

  • Close walking distances to classes, computer labs, the library and recreational areas
  • All-you-can-eat meals in Larson Commons, as well as other various options including: Jackrabbit C-Store, SDSU Dairy Bar, Village Market, Weary Wil's, The Market, Medary Commons, Food for Thought and Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • A variety of programs and activities within your living area
  • Nearby parking for all residence halls
  • Lounges to gather with friends and study groups
  • Quiet places to study
  • Fun and friends – There's always something going on!

Each residence hall has a number of CA's (Community Assistants) who are selected and trained to assist with student concerns – personal, social and academic. Together, the CA's and the Residence Hall Directors plan social, recreational, service, educational and diversity programs for the halls. Area Residence Hall Directors (RHD's) and Complex Directors (CD's) are professional, full-time staff members who live on campus are responsible for the management of their area, its various facilities and operations and the social and economic development of the residents that live in their area. Additionally, the Residence Hall Directors supervise the CA staff, advise programming and are available for individual assistance and referrals to other University services.

Our 11 residence halls offer students a variety of living options. Most freshmen will be placed in a double room with a roommate in a Freshman Hall. Students may also make residence hall and roommate requests on their Housing application. Students with physical or health needs are able to arrange their special requests directly with Residential Life at 605-688-5148. (We also encourage you to get in touch with our Disabilities Services Coordinator at 605-692-6211.) Each residence hall and room comes equipped with the following services:

  • Hall Desk
  • Mail Delivery
  • Package Deliveries
  • Phone Line
  • Vending Machines
  • Laundry Facilities (located in all residence halls)
  • Kitchenettes
  • Safety and Security
  • Internet Port or Wireless Internet

There are several room types available:

  • Double Room
  • Designed Single Room
  • Double as Single Room (one occupant)
  • Multiple as a Double Room (two occupants)

We Also Offer Several Living-Learning Communities or Themed Housing Types:

Living-Learning Communities (LLC
  • Ag/Bio  — Hansen Hall, students enrolled in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
  • Allied for Acceptance - Caldwell Hall, a community for students who place a high value on inclusiveness for people of all identities, including gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Engineering  — Mathews Hall, students enrolled in the College of Engineering
  • Explore State - Binnewies Hall, a partnership with SDSU's Exploratory Studies program, designed to provide opportunities for students to engage in academic and career exploration activities. 
  • Global Village - Brown Hall, this is a new LLC for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Description details to come!
  • Health Professionals  — Mathews Hall, students enrolled in any health-related major
  • Honors College  — Honors Hall, students participating in the Honors College
  • Healthy Lifestyles — Schultz Hall, students interested in wellness and making healthy life choices
  • Natural Resource Management - Pierson Hall, designed to strengthen the community and collaboration among students and faculty within the Department of Natural Resource Management (NRM), this LLC connects academic and residential experiences around the topics of managing, conserving, and/or preserving natural resources.
  • Oyate Yuwitaya Tipi Inclusive Community- Mathews Hall, Native and non-Native peoples who will be provided with opportunities to enhance their understandings of the diverse histories, contexts, cultures and experiences of American Indian and Alaskan Native peoples. 
  • Performing Arts — Schultz Hall, any student interested in learning about, participating in or sharing an appreciation for the arts (need not be enrolled in a related major)
  • Quiet Lifestyles — Abbott Hall, students interested in a quieter living environment that will include extended quiet hours.
information on apartments in Brookings:

Disclaimer: SDSU does not manage, update, verify or recommend one rental company over another. The links listed above are solely provided for prospective students to gain insight into various housing options within the Brookings community.

If you are an international student wishing to move into the Residence Halls prior to the "official opening date," you may do so by contacting the Housing and Residential Life Department to complete your housing forms and let them know of your need to move in earlier than the opening day.

Phone: 605-688-5148
Fax: 605-688-6044