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Jacks Start Abroad

Jacks Start Abroad provides incoming first-year students the opportunity to begin their Jackrabbit Journey on a global travel adventure with new classmates and SDSU instructors. The programs have been designed to introduce new SDSU students to the university experience, with all of its great opportunities and responsibilities, while exploring new topics related to their major fields of study and gaining international perspectives in the process. Participants will get a taste of what it is like to be a part of the Jackrabbit family while preparing to learn more about their studies and their international potential in the process.

In previous years, the Office of International Affairs created these academic programs with the broad theme of conflict and focused on the country level to the personal level. However, going forward we are encouraging faculty to consider building thematic or college discipline versions of Jacks Start Abroad programming for students in their academic units. 

Visit the links below for more information regarding our upcoming Jacks Start Abroad programs:

REPUBLIC of Ireland

Germany and France 


For more information, please contact Sally Gillman, Director of Education Abroad, email at Sally Gillman or call 605-688-4122.

Brandenburg Gate 2

After participating in these programs, students are able to:

  • Identify global problems and the impact the program will have on their personal and professional goals; 
  • Describe how culture(s), profession, and personal experiences frame one's thinking; 
  • Develop personal and professional support networks; 
  • Improve college-readiness skills such as reading, writing and critical thinking; and 
  • Engage with global peoples, places, and topics related to a culture.