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Program Extension

What happens if I am nearing my program end date that is listed on my I-20 or DS2019 and I am not finished with my Degree?

That is a very good question!

And… unless you resolve this situation prior to your program end date, it may cause some status issues which would then require you to either apply for reinstatement or return home. Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to be in a situation where you need to apply for reinstatement or return home.

If you are nearing your program end date, please talk with an international advisor as soon as possible. As long as there is a viable academic reason for the delay in graduating, we should be able to extend your program.

What are viable reasons?

  • Changing your Major or adding a 2nd Major.
  • Maybe you had an Academic or Medical reduced course load.
  • Maybe, as a graduate student, you need more time to complete your Thesis or Dissertation research.
  • Maybe you were a transfer student and the original estimated time to complete your degree was not accurate as a result of certain credits not transferring.

What are not viable reasons?

  • Not making normal progress towards completing a degree due to failing too many courses.

If you find yourself in situation where you need to apply for a program extension, please contact one of our international advisors and they will help you with the process.

Questions? Please contact: